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10 Kids? Your family is going to need to just buy a yellow school bus.

We actually have a white mini-bus

Where you at school again? Wasn't it UNC?

Unfortunately no...I wanted to go out of state, my parents thought otherwise. I'm goin to St. John Fisher in Rochester...getting my degree in SportsManagement

I'm gonna have to make it out to McKinley sometime...
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I currently live in NYC but i am about to go to college at suny at buffalo.Does anyone know where i can buy my sneakers and clothes at now???????
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Watch out my young bols..It's about to get sauuuuuuuucy up in here. The LEGENDARY DaytonaHardBody69ForLife is up in this piece. And for all you nerdsout there looking for shirts and pants, there's only one spot....Krudmart.
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Originally Posted by 1stWitIt

^^^ohhhhh boy nt will never be the same
Is that you Magnus???????? If so..We had the illest workout yesterday. My trcieps are on FIRE.

On the sneakertip....I just talked to my homie at Ricks who said that they found some old stock from the early 90's.....Quantum Forces, Ultra Flights,Command Forces, Trainer SC's, ATC's, etc.....He said that they'll be puttin them on the clearence table sometime within the next day or so. Firstcome first serve. Nothing over $50

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On some realness though, anyone looking for LS, older, hard to find Jordan clothing needs to go to All In One 520 (520 Bailey Ave. between Minnesota andHighland). He's got a lot of new stuff in there and there will definitely be some deals.

*Walden Galleria received 30 Countdown packs today. They are pre-selling quick.
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When Im not scorin bodacious babes at the beach or club, yall can find the peoples champ drizzed out and draped sonning sons with team hardcastle hustlinthe streetz. or sellin designer duds at the world famous Krumdart............SKEET SKEET!!!!!!!!!
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^^^ LOL Bailey and Stockbridge... Man, Its like 5 people from Buffalo on here, thats crazy.

Thats because 95% of Buffalo support fake Jordans... Like thats the cool thing here, SMH.

I needa get outta here
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damn Alex whats goin on man, tells you how much I check this site out now and then..didn't know you we're at FNL in the McK, you're right aroundthe corner from me. I gota stop in and say whats up..do you have the new Livestrong shox there? I was lookin at them at the Galleria yesterday but bought someAM90s instead, but I shoulda got the shox, lemme know if you have them..

and DAMN DJ lol, your dad needs to wrap it up
jk bro the more themerrier

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**** my post was the first one in four years haha... is this thread still alive? any Buffalo heads still out there???? 
 Dope spots near the Canisius area?
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