Who do you think is more TALENTED...Chris "Ludacris" Bridges or Clifford "T.I." Harris?

Joined Apr 4, 2009
TALENT being the key word here (strictly music - NOT movies, etc.

I got the idea from the BOTS thread and thought it could make for good discussion.

I gotta go with my boy Luda, even though his discography doesn't really touch Tip's.  And I'm not trying to take ANYTHING away from Tip (I just believe Luda is more original/creative with it).  I am a HUGE T.I. fan FTR...

Early Luda flow takes the cake though...And even though he has become the undisputed "KING of the Feat.", I wish he would go back to the BFTFT and WOM days...


Joined Feb 3, 2008
luda was
back then...dudes flow was crazy, still is.

TI come with

as an emcee though, ill give the edge to Luda
Joined Sep 9, 2008
luda is underrated but t.i. wins this. he makes better albums and has the more impressive career of the two. they're both creative and have done a lot for the post-2000 south imo.
Joined May 31, 2005
nobody argued with T.I. for the King of the South thing but it's always been Luda to me

my favorite Tip album is King but I think Luda has the better body of work

and he kills every feature
Joined Apr 28, 2009
It's Luda but he just doesn't have "it" like T.I. does.

A lot of _'s jumped ship to T.I. after his success over the years but Luda still got the edge...even though later in their careers, I %#%$ with TIP more.

On another note, Saturday is one of my favorite singles of all time. Takes me back to Summer '02 with my boys...
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Can't see Luda making a song like What Happened or Live in the Sky or That's The Way You Want It... Gotta go with Tip...
Joined Jun 16, 2008
Comin down the street like a prarade, macy's ... luda stealin young money flow now ???

T.I easily, I swear for the longest I felt tip had a ghostwriter for papertrail cause most of the songs and lyrics actually had meaning behind them.
Joined Dec 21, 2003
as far as rapping goes they are neck an neck.

TI made the better career decisions tho.
Joined Mar 5, 2005
Luda is more talented. But TI has better things to talk about and more material. Substance>Raw Talent.

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
Coming from a HUGE TIP fan and not so much of a Luda fan,

I think Luda is the more TALENTED rapper
Joined Sep 17, 2008
Only reason Luda gets the edge talent wise is because of features. He got a healthy leg up on TI on features because he kills them all (Rap, R&B and Pop) and arguably has outshined several rap legends (Nas, Jay, Big Boi etc.). TI makes better music overall but the only thing I don't like is the obvious dropoff when he doesn't write lyrics (TI vs TIP) versus when he does (Paper Trail).

Who do yall think won the "Stomp" feature though, I still think it's Luda even if he wrote his verse second
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