who is quitting the shoe game after the BLK/RED 8's???

Oct 24, 2001
i am..... '08 is just gonna be mad hard for me to cop J's

hypebeasts will be camping out day's in advance which i dont have the time to do with my work schedule and resellers will be charging $800 or more for each package which is way out of my league
i think packages will be at least 1000 resale, first day. and i think bred 8s are gonna be as easy at metallic vs, and the aqua 8s
i think packages will be at least 1000 resale
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Once I get my hands on a few more pairs of XI's, I'm done
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Not I , if I dont buy j's I know I'll find another sneaker I would want.

"A sneakerhead could buy sneakers from sun up to sun down and his/her collection may never be complete".
^^ :D
Not me gotta cop any XIIIs that drop even if they come along with Xs and cost over $300
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not me i am getting the VIII black/red for x-mas and then i going to get the XI package after words
Just like N.E.R.D. ,the group, is an acronym for "No-one Ever Really Dies", nobody ever quits buying shoes.

Honestly, I haven't bought a Jordan since the Black/Silver V's this past January.

I'm just on hiatus.

All it takes for me is a XIII Low or a low-top (no S.E.) XI, and I'm back. But, it looks like this may be a while.

Take it for what it's worth.

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It's never been a game to me. It has been about passion.

I dig a lot of shoes, but I don't like dealing with the hassle of limited releases. I don't like that we are forced to buy two shoes, in order to get one that you truly like. I don't like paying retail.

Shoe's will be bough, but from the sounds of things, especially as more info leaks, it looks like I am passing on most of the packs.

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I've owned everything I've wanted (shoes, AIr Jordans) except Blk IIIs. I've sold almost all of them because I was burnt. I might get 2 or 3 packs but retroes suck. I would rather look to the future. Bring on the XXIIIs !!!!!!

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Never through. Period. Unless I need cash for something else. (school books)
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Of Course, what die hard Jordan fan wouldn't quit buying Js a month before the XX3s drop.
I really dont think the packages are gonna be THAT crazy.
Arent they a general release?
Kinda like the BMP?
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like I said before, after the packages ima cop what I missed in the 99-03 run
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If they are indeed DMP limited I can see some of the packs getting good resell .... but a G, be serious people. And you know companies will prohibit discounts on these so that just lowers the profit margin even more if you plan on reselling them.

I have been done, and then came back. I sold a lot of my shoes already in the last 8 months, and I am still selling off my collection.(check the b/s forum) But yes, after the VIII black/red, I will most likely stop altogether. I knew once I didnt buy the Aquas, that I was truly done. I was going to get them 3 days after they dropped, but I went to the mall to check them out and I just wasnt feeling them. Quality sucked. Plus I realized I had 0 purple clothes, and I wasnt about to buy them. Priorities change. I never thought I would pass on Aqua VIIIs. :smh:
Plus with the packs coming out, it is going to cost way too much money to stick around. I am done spending $300/month (at least) on Jordans with bad colorways and poor quality. The only shoes I can think of that I will buy is some VI. I have the OG white/red and the retro black/red, but I love the VIs.
I sometime contemplate quitting the Jordan game too, but I still have gaps in my collection that need to be filled. I will definitely cop the Playoff 8's and focus on the next fiscal year which is the XX3's and packages. I'm not sweating each and every package, but the ones I want I will be on my radar for next year.
....and I Stays around J's like I's and K's
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