why does everyone smoke newports


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i been coming up on boxes of cartons  lately(i dont smoke btw) of kool menthols ,malbarol , doral menthols and  other !@$% .....but everytime i try n  get a few cartons at a spot i got go thru like 5 people telling me "i only smoke newports" before i get a carton or two off... i dont smoke so i wouldnt know but is there THAT much difference between kool xl menthols and newports(they cost the same btw)


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i used to smoke em after i lit up, when i quit blazin' it just stuck. it enhanced the high for me, thats why i smoked em though.


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Always bought a pack after I burn and after I smash...It just hits the spot but i quit smoking for about a month now, most likely going to start again when I go back to school for my last semester though cause I plan to burn everyday for my last semester of college
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First pack I got when I was 14 was Newports. Been buying them ever since. People (usually girls) complain Newports are too harsh but, to me, Camels and other cigarettes are too light compared to them.

I don't recall ever having a Kool Menthol but I do know Marlboro Menthols are very different from Newports.
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Basically the other brands you listed dont have a fullfilling hit.

The only ones comparable in strength in my opinion were Malboro Smooths, but I got sick of those quick.

So ports > the rest
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Originally Posted by JustScoreda100

Newports hit harder. And they're menthol.
That's basically it for me. It hit so hard that I had to stop. I moved onto Marlboro Lights, hopefully nothing by the end of this year.

king beef

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Go to a party and utter the words "I have Newports".

Watch people come FLOCKIN. It's def one of the fan favorites but they are just so damn expensive. I don't really smoke cigs like I used to though.

Newports after a burn is always a plus.
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i grew up in the hood and they only had newports at the loosey spots. and now i dont like the taste of any other ciggs except for camel crush. but nothing beats a newport.
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i recently put up buying packs for new years & resorted to bumming . . it was never the same because i smoked newports
, nothing was ever comparable to it . . basically a waste to even ask for one, because they never hit the spot. i gave up squares in general for lent too . . but damn, after i burn or eat, i want to cave in.
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Newport 100s are
If you're getting cartons to sell for profit, just get newport cartons, guarantee it'll sell off easier than other stuff.
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Originally Posted by King Beef

Watch people come FLOCKIN. It's def one of the fan favorites but they are just so damn expensive. I don't really smoke cigs like I used to though.

what are you talking about newports are cheaper than most brands like marbs, parliments, or camels. everyone in hs used to start with them...then moved on because they have fiberglass in them it'll cut up your throat. it's refreshing once in a while but gets really sickening after a while.
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