Will any Spiz'ikes ever be limited again???

face murda

Jul 12, 2006
Am I the only cat thats mad about the Spiz'ikes not being limited anymore? Anyone can cop em now like a freakin team jordan. The DTRT should have atleast been a limited one. You see kids rockin them and beating them up. It realy sucks.....
175 for Spizikes makes them limited for me. I like a few of them, but 175 is waaaaaaaaaaay too much to pay for those.
The cool thing about the Spizikes were that they were limited, it gave them a mystique almost. Maybe they're still limited, and theyre just ugly so they sit on the shelves. :confused
The cool thing about the Spizikes were that they were limited, it gave them a mystique almost. Maybe they're still limited, and theyre just ugly so they sit on the shelves. :\

I'm pretty glad that the Spiz'ike got tested at the GR level to expose those people who like a shoe because of its limitedness.
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i wouldnt even get them even if they are limited. DTRT craps are hurting my eyes.
it really sucks.
FACE MURDA I feel you dog this is the reason I have been passing on them.
Hopefuly our prays are answered the OG IV colorway is limited.
i only liked the first ones that came out.
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They were all limited to an extent. Even the recent ones that had childrens sizes were not at every shoe store. They were far and few between in CT. Not that I care since they are ugly.
well i like it when it was GR especially the kings county edition they looked bad in youth sizes and almost all the others coming out are probably going to be limited now
I don't care if they're limited, cuz I've only seen one legit pair at my school and they were the Kings County.
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Wow, you guys are what's wrong with this trend LOL. They were ugly when they were limited and they're still ugly now, why not still cop them if you liked them so much? If you want shoes that no one else has go get some Guccis or something.
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They are a terrible shoe. You really don't love shoes if you only buy for the "limitedness". Why don't you buy what you like, hold onto them for a year or two, and then bust them out. Cement III's were a general release. In fact, every good Jordan shoe was a general release a couple years ago. If you truly love the shoe, buy a pair, wear them sparingly, and then you'll have them when no one else does. NT is run by hype these days.
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So you are saying you only liked the shoe because of the limitedness. :stoneface:
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i dont think it really matters anymore all the spizike since the true blue are still sitting on the shelves when i went to cop my aquas i was talking to the dude at finishline and he said they had only sold 2 pairs of the kings county since they dropped they have a fsr still lol
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The only ones i really liked were the king countys, but there was no way id pay 175 for them
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