Wireless Router help

Joined Oct 18, 2006
So i have verizon wireless internet, and the router i have is old and terrible so i was thinking about getting a belkin g router. Can i switch them with nocomplications or do i have to contact verizon and tell them and register a new router etc.
Joined May 28, 2000
It was an easy switch for me. I wish I hadn't gone through the hastle of dealing with belkin and there horrible overseas customer service. That's why Ihave two belkin routers they could never resolve my issues and sent me new routers.

The Linksys works great with the dd-wrt firmware. I have 4 pcs hooked up to it. PS3, 360, Wii, and I have not done one reset. The pc's are on 24/7.Although it's an older router there is a reason it was the router of the month 23 times on Newegg. It works hastle free.
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