Worst actor of all time...gotdamn

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Steven Seagal .... who is this guy his movies suck.

you agree? if not list your #1 most disliked.
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son couldnt throw a kick above his waist but he was still that DUDE! Son is a master Thesbian

He got some Classics tho

Hard 2 kill
Out for Justice
Marked for Death
Above the Law

but past that and its soem bull %*%!


formerly piczon1983
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Has anyone ever seen Steven Seagal take a beating in any of his movies? That man be surronded with 8 dudes and not take 1 hit. And still break all of thosedudes necks with chops.
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up until under siege 2 (w/the exception of "fire down below") i enjoyed errything he did. after that errything was all bad

Denzel Washington gets my vote. He plays the same character in every film
thats true but i dont think that makes him a bad actor hes jus not as versatile as others like depp, hanks, will smith etc
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Originally Posted by DAYTONA 5000

Denzel Washington gets my vote. He plays the same character in every film
That doesn't mean he's a bad actor, that just means Denzel Washington > anybody they can make up
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Arnold Szwanater or however you spell his name....by far the worst actor of all time!
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Originally Posted by 11wordisbond

Steven Seagal and Keanu Reaves (sp)

i thought i was the only one who hated the hell out of Keanu Reeves.

after Bill and Ted, i was done with him. haven't watched any other movies he's done since.
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