Would YOU add your girls parents on FaceBook Vol. what the

Joined Jan 10, 2010
I am not talking about your "wife" here, more like a girl you've been seeing for a few months or so??

Joined May 12, 2002
If you're cool with them, why not?

I wouldn't if they JUST know I exist
Joined Feb 23, 2010
Not to d-ride Henz0, but I agree.

I do know that my girls' aunts and uncles have been facebook creeping on me, though. Not sure if her parents actually have FB, but she said during winter break that her aunts had seen what I looked like and said that I look "nice and well kept."

Joined Aug 2, 2008
neither accept nor deny.. Just let it sit the friend request box.... Unless your profile is public view, if so then it doesn't matter.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
NOO DON'T DOO IT!! lol i added her mom then now i feel like her moms is reading every single post, so i barely post things on fb. only post something she wouldnt consider inappropriate.
Joined Sep 14, 2009
Hell no. I ignored my dad when he sent me a request, along with my step-mom, aunts and uncles

I just don't want them bein nosy all over my stuff, my profile is private BTW
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