XI Animal (Womens) Holiday 2021

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They really need to lay off the f...ing pipe up there in Beaverton. Man.

EDIT: I mean, if you're gonna do this nonsense, at least do it halfway well. You want to make the patent rand animal fur/print? K, but maybe at least just pick ONE pattern for the entire thing rather than mashing tigers and leopards and zebras and cheetahs together in one go. It makes a bad idea even worse. Like you had samples made with each featuring one animal pattern, no one cold make up their mind which one looked best, and so they said OK let's use them all! Corny as hell.
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Maybe those animal kingdom XIs are an early April Fools' joke or something.....I just cannot see JB actually greenlighting that shoe to be produced, and worse, sold!

JB was doing so well with the women's releases too. TSK TSK
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Why are these such a shock? This isn’t the first time something like this has been done. Pippens, AirMax 95’s and 90’s have have similar variations. No shock big sellers. To each their own.



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