XX3 Box (PIC)

Jul 18, 2007
I thought the box would be more flashy or something like that because it was so hyped. I'm disappointed. Mods if this was already posted, lock it up.


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i'm actually glad to see the box isn't some kind of big gimmick, nice and simple.
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Looks like it's crocodile leather at the top or something :lol:

I too would like to see what's on the inside.

With the box leaking I'm sure the sneakers aren't far behind.

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i was hoping it'd be something over the top....like a Suitcase that can hover with a built in dvd player everytime you open it up or something wild like that
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now show what comes inside
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Its a box, and quite frankly if the box was the dopest box ever, id be kinda scared that whats inside isnt something i would really want.
box doesnt matter...i just want to see the shoes!

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I would have loved to see a suitcase at least for the "Top 23" one's...Anyways I think its time to see the shoes
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They should have just brought back:


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good, nice and simple. no brush, no angled lines or hexagonal shapes. just a rectangular box. i want my $175 to go to the shoes not some gimmicky box
I remember a while back, one of the guys who leaks info said that the XX3 box is suppose to look like a cigar box to represent Mike's passion for cigars. That kinda looks like a cigar box.....kinda
just a box, nice n simple.

the integrated 'jo r/2 d/3 an' logo is cool but that '23' in the circle is LAAAAME
^^^co-sign on that and 23 looks like the batman sign....

I gotta shoe fettish I be in shoe city every week fifty pairs of new nike airs aint cheap..
Box is simple...just like the shoe will probably be.
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It's got bits of real panther in it.
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