Yao Ming or Dwight Howard? Who would you take starting a franchise.

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Me and my boy always get into this argument. He claims Dwight Howard is the better center... O RLY?

Who would yall take as your starting center if you had a choice between the two....

You obviously won't be able to give the ball to Howard in the clutch due to his poor free throw shooting. Not to mention Dwight has limited moves and avery poor post skill set...

Dwight has a long way to go if he wants to become the next Shaq... right now he's playing off sheer athleticism.. once that goes away what would he resortto? I'd take Yao any day of the week.

The only knock on Yao is his fatigue and his injury proneness.
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DWIGHT HOWARD cause like you said he is juss playing off sheer athleticism and that means when he develops more moves it lights out for all other centers andyao is juss to soft


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Yall are telling me starting a franchise right now you'd rather have Yao than Dwight? Wow. Just wow.
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If they were both the same age. Let's say hypothetically 22. Yao. If I would take Yao at his age now. I'd need a team to win right now. His window ofgreatness has maybe 4 seasons left. The difference is that you can give Yao the ball 30 times a game and he'll either score or find someone that will. Notto mention 80+% FT shooter. While Howard struggles to be above 50%.

I don't think that Howard will ever develop a 12 footer or a consistent post game. He seems to rely too much on athleticism. I love watching him play. Buthe'll never be the beast Shaq was. And he'll never be the overall player of Hakkeem. He has the tools but he doesn't seem to put it all togetherIMO.
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If I'm picking RIGHT NOW, all things considered?

Dwight, and I don't think twice... I honestly think you're out of your damned mind if you pick Yao...

I look at Yao move up and down the court and really wonder how long his body is going to hold up... We've already seen him miss long stretches three yearsrunning with foot and knee injuries, and I really think that's something that will be a big problem for him going forward... He's just too tall and tooheavy... Carrying that body up and down the court for 82+ NBA games every year, then playing international ball every time it comes around, I'd be really,really concerned about his long-term health...

If I thought his body would hold up, he'd be tough to go against, but I just don't believe it will... I think Dwight is every bit the all-around playerYao is, and I think he's still got a ton of room to grow as a basketball player... The upside is still very much intriguing...
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Dwight just because he's barely scratched the surface of his offensive potential. I'm also guessing that his body will be able to hold up well for thenext 10+ years.
But Yao is a beast in his own right, a great teammate, and such an efficient bastard.

You really can go either way.
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I'd take Yao. He's got one of the most polished post games in the league. That turn around fade away jumper from anywhere between 5 to 15 feet ismoney. He's also a threat from midrange when setting screens; he's not one dimensional in that he doesn't just dunk or do layups. Can't leavethe man open for 3's either.
He's also got one of the betterFT% not just among centers but among players in the NBA.

While he's not quite the defender or rebounder Howard is, there's nothing else D12 does better than him at this moment. If Howard isn't within 5feet of the rim, he's basically useless offensively. While Yao isn't as great of a defender or rebounder, he still get's his. Grabs a good amountof boards and while he might not block as many shots, he alters a lot just being 7'6.

I don't see Dwight ever being a threat from midrange. I do think his post game will continue to improve though.
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DH is younger Yao will be 30 next year
he has way more upside
he is a better rebounder
he is stronger
he is a way better defender (DPOY)
he even out scored yao this year
but yea stats aint everything but Dwight got more heart and toughness than yao

i want a center not a 7'6 guard
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the question is starting a franchise..

I would take dwight, he is younger and has room to improve.

if the question is who I rather have right now in my current team, yao easily

the answer to the question also depends on who is the supporting cast.

I am not going to take d12 if I have veterans in my team and I will not take yao if I have youngins in my team.
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