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Dec 8, 1999

Welcome to the NorthWest Regional Forum.

With NikeTalk, our mission was to create the ultimate online sneaker community: a safe, friendly, and respectful place for sneaker fans of all ages and backgrounds. If NikeTalk is the ultimate online sneaker community, the NorthWest Regional NikeTalk forum will be the ultimate online resource for sneaker fans from Portland, Seattle, and throughout the NorthWestern US.

Our NorthWest NikeTalk forum will recreate the small, intimate community environment of NikeTalks early days while adding the dimension of relevance to our specific region. By harnessing the power of NikeTalks global community as a means of gathering information and attracting fans, the NorthWest NikeTalk forum can prove far more USEFUL to both casual and dedicated local area sneaker fans than could conventional word of mouth or previous online attempts to organize area fans.

Wed like this forum to not only serve as the very best way for area sneaker fans to prepare for limited release situations, but as the best way for local area sneaker fans to connect with others like them.

What posts will be moved to the NorthWest regional forum from our other forums?

- Summit posts.
- Any post inquiring about product availability in the NorthWest area.
- Any post of particular relevance to the NorthWest area that holds only limited interest for members living in other regions.

What posts can our users post in the NorthWest regional forum?

- Anything thats relevant to the area.


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