YOu played this game in HS?

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yep. hate it, cuz i dont like playing social games.

the game that acutally changed how i talk was when if you get somebody to say "huh" "what" or look confused, you say "meh" orsomething. i dont even know what the word is. but that #*!@ can either annoy the mess outta you cuz it interupts the convo. or it will have u in stitches cuzits so funny to somebody who knows nothing about the situation.

dudes use to get my teacher daily with complicated ones.

teacher: well today we are goin to talk about area. the formula for area is Length times width. any questions?
student: can you use the formula for area to massagameat?
teacher: huh?
student: "MEH!"

my boy Mickens use to kill dudes with this esp our physics teacher.

that game changed my life cuz i use to always say "huh" but now i never do. i always say "excuse me" which old folks LOVE to hear

summons [color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]FANTASTIC4OUR [/color] cuz i know he must have some similar stories
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lol Yeah I played that game all the time....Every now and then when I'm drunk with my buddies I'll randomly bust it out and get some one... lol goodlaughs.
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Originally Posted by uknowho85

Yeah but "OPEN CHEST" was crazier..............

I remember one time my Homeboy brought a coworker or something to kick it with us.

He tried that Open Chest
on one of us and we beat the
out of him.

I don't know who told him it was OK to go around punchin' strangers in the chest.
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Yea i played it before..Its funny when they are aware of it and avoided it for a good min then they fall for it and BAM... could really give laughs or causesomeone to flip
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My dude took a pic on his phone of him making that sign.
He would then show ppl the pic, keeping the phone under his waist
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