Young Rilla Has Music He Would Like To Share With You...

Joined Jan 17, 2007
Rilla wrote:[hr][/hr]*Everything Ignorant is LOW KEY a sarcastic way of saying, "Rap is so superficial that if I think of everything ignorant that I can and put it on this song, #%$+!! will love it just because. But here, take this live sax as a testament to the fact that we really ARE musicians underneath all this bravado, materialism, and debauchery".... some will get it, others will just enjoy it. Either way, we appreciate the spins..
Joined Mar 14, 2006
Hmm, did he listen to my music when I shared it? Nope, so I think I'll return the favor. Thanks
Joined Sep 28, 2005
i'm a horrible friend...he asked me to do this like 2 weeks ago and i would always remember when i was doing something else...sorry Rilla
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