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Jun 20, 2001
I saw Daniel Santiago in a walmart with a cart full. Knew this dude played bball b/c he was 7ft and wearing those long sleeve grey practice shirt with thebucks logo. Dude walked by, stared at me for a couple seconds thinking I was gonna ask for his auto. He was lucky I even recognized him.

Another was Bo Outlaw in a nike outlet. At first I thought it wasn't him, but then he spoke and that confirmed it. He was looking at some shoes off thehash wall with some buddies.

Last one was George Muresan in a Bestbuy looking at some cds with everyone just staring at this tall $@#!. Seriously everyone I guess knew he played somesport, but just not who he was. The only person near him was a BB employee looking up the whole time.
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i saw kelvin cato at caesars palace in vegas a few years ago. dude was wearing his own jersey
. i guess that confirmed his identity for you.

saw keith closs at santa monica mall. i was about to give him a beatdown, but it was daytime so I spared him.
I used to get cut at the same barber shop as a number of Raiders, a couple Warriors. Saw Lamont Jordan, Alvis Whitted, and Kirk Morrison on the reg.

I went also went to the same high school as Kirk, used to see him pretty much bi weekly during our football season. Saw Langston Walker and Tarik Glenn once ortwice, also saw Rod Woodson up at the school once.

Saw Keyshawn Johnson picking up my brother from school.

My cousin lives in a real nice spot in the Oakland hills. At one point, Brian Shaw, Robbert Horry, and Lamond Murray (sp) all lived on his block. Aside fromShaw they've all moved but I've seen them all before. My neice and nephew actually both go to school with Shaws kids I think. Off topic butMurray's house is/was
Fat *@@ castle on the side of a hill.

That's about it.
When i was in elementary, i went trick or treating, i knocked on someone's house in Alameda, and it was Tony Delk. He didn't have any candy, so he gaveus autographs.
Talked to John Franco when working out at the gym. When I was like 8 I met him once with Rey Ordonez, Rick Reed and Dennis Cook when I was in Miami.

Walked buy Ron Darling and his son once.

Saw Marcus Williams at Citi Crab when he was still with the Nets.

I know there is a couple more.
Saw Jonathan Wade (CB for the St. Louis Rams) at my Bank of America the other day. I didn't even know who he was, but just put two and two together basedon the Benz parked outside and his athletic frame/gear he was rocking. Heard the banker say "Jonathan" as he called him and his wife into an office,so I looked up the Rams roster on my phone and there he was.

When I was goin' to school in Chicago, me and my boy walked right past Roy Jones Jr. on Michigan Ave...
I didn't even take much notice of him, butmy friend was like "Damn, that dude looked like Roy Jones..." Then we both realized he was decked out in Jordan Brand gear, so we turned around, andsure enough, it was him.

A year or so ago, I was gettin' my car washed at the local spot, and I was standing in the waiting room, and there was this big *#% dude standin' infront of me with his fitted all low, trying to be low-key, staring at his cell phone the whole time. Then I saw this dope, brand new Benz goin' through thewash before my car. And it hit me that Ryan Howard was standing in front of me. Dude went to my high school still comes back home during the offseason.He's got some serious Chicken Leg Syndrome...

I've had quite a few other run-ins in my day, but my mind is just drawing blanks right now.
JUST recently... me and my boy went to the Bike (Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, CA) a few weeks back. We sat @ separate $100-300 tables then he BBM's me,"YO, is that Jose Canseco behind you?"

I'm like, wth is this dude talkin about?

I turn around and he proceeds to sit at another $100-300 table.

I get the confirmation from pit bosses and dealers that he frequents the Bike playing just about anything from a $40 buy-in to the $500.
saw chris childs hosting for a french music channel here when i went to watch 3 on 3 hoop it up years ago...he speaks french

saw a bunch of the montreal canadiens chilling at a downtown foodcourt..surprised no one cared....

kind of played basketball with the montreal allouettes at my school...but my douche principal didnt let me play
I met Devean George at the South Coast Mall.

I saw Caron Butler, met Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer in Vegas, no one seemed to know who Caron was. It was during the summer of '07.
I saw Michael Ruffin at Mcdonalds. An asian lady dropped ketup all over his shoes

Baby Shaq playing ball at some court
I saw john amaechi at victoria gardens in rancho cucamonga, ca.

He was with his boyfriend
I saw Patrick Ewing Jr at Chipotle in Sacramento a few days after the draft last year, talked to him for a few minutes, he was actually a pretty cool guy

A few years back I was at the my local snowboard shop and I saw the And1 spinoff tour buses. it was a group of the former and 1 guys who started their owntour. Mr. 720 was literally standing right next to a giant picture of his face on the bus, waiting for someone to recognize him. I pulled up with my car tocheck it out and dude went into his whole sales pitch "yeah yeah tomorrow night, 7 pm, you can buy you tickets ______ and ______, tickets __$
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I saw Michael Ruffin at Mcdonalds. An asian lady dropped ketup all over his shoes

Baby Shaq playing ball at some court
@ Michael Ruffin. I almost ran into him (literally) at church a couple years ago. I was walking with my head down and I almost bumpedhim, and I looked up and saw his funky shaped head. He had all his gazillion kids with him.
Malik Rose - Not so famous. We have the same barber here in S.A. I see him all the time. Cool dude.
David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, Endy Chavez, Luis Castillo, Ramon Castro, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins,Ryan Howard, Chris Coste, Pedro Feliz, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, and Jamie Moyer.

They were all playing baseball.
also saw Tracy Murray once at Santa Monica Mall. he was wearing warmup pants and jacket.
Chris Mills and Chris Gatling were on Melrose, just said whatup, not worth an autograph.
Saw Sasha Vujacic buying DVDs at Best Buy during his rookie year. He gave me the.."I HOPE THIS GUY DOESNT COME UP TO ME" look.
Saw Chris Kaman at the same Best Buy, but he had his fat older brother around him. Didn't really care for his autograph.
Kevin Love was in Vegas with some super hottie when I was playing blackjack at Caesars, he gave me daps.
Vegas New Years Eve I saw Jared Jeffries with his girlfriend, noone said anything to him, I didn't wanna give him away.

Lebron was at the VIP at PURE at Caesars. The DJ announced Lebron is in the building!!! He stepped up and did the dynasty sign and the crowd was yelling. I sawsome dude try to go up and give him daps and reached his fist out, Lebron walked away like a d**|< head and one of his men from his entourage slapped dudehands away. SMH
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