Your thoughts on the Jordan Silver anniversary

Joined Mar 15, 2005
I haven't bought any shoes from the Silver Anniversity or Anniversary Collection. May buy the XI's, but $150+ for some all white shoes is asking a lot.
Joined Feb 24, 2010
I'm interested on the following number(s)

Id put VI among them, but after seeing the pic, it looked like all white MS cws.


Joined Jan 13, 2010
All Garbage, if you wear them they will be trashed if you dont they will be trashed, you failed

Why the hell would you want to own 4 pairs of white shoes @ the same time?

I would like to see the 17's though, Just SEE them. But for me to copp the would have to have Wayyy more silver then the rest of those white kicks.
Joined Jul 18, 2009
I don't have any thoughts on any "jordan silver anniversity". I do however, have thoughts and want the Jordan anniversary VI, VII, XI, and XIII's. Kinda skeptical about all white bottoms though.
Joined Apr 18, 2007
I'm curious to see XVIs, but I won't be buying any. I made that mistake with the pure 3s a couple years ago. 
Joined Jun 6, 2009
i dont care for the silver anniversary. i dont think i will cop ANY of them. But i do kinda like the iv's.

Just wayyyy to plain for me, i would rather wear a pair of white forces.
Joined Mar 28, 2009
Originally Posted by Chicityk7

both III's look like the sole is already yellowing smh.....SMH

da #!+% are you talking about?
something wrong with your eyes?

man i dont get yall, have yall not ever had a pair of all white -AF1s?
how is this any different?
i mean hell i dont like all white shoes myself but i do understand why some ppl would...

@OP good pick ups, id wear the III and the IV...IX are not my style tho...
nice AJKO also
Joined Jan 3, 2009
i know you cant fit a size 9.5 so ima have to get that off you. but for me. if i can get double then they good cuz i can trash one pair and still keep 1 pair looking clean.
deep closet with no air moment FTW.
Joined Apr 20, 2008
so far i only like the 1's but really a big waste of time did we really needed the money cat 3 and 4 again?


formerly dzaster
Joined Mar 30, 2009
Originally Posted by Chicityk7

both III's look like the sole is already yellowing smh.....SMH
lmao shut up you know damn well you don't see any yellowing
Joined Dec 26, 2001
I like the 3s 4s and 9s. All white kicks are not hard to keep clean. I will however, not buy any of them due to their price.
Joined Jun 12, 2007
i only want the IV, VI, VII and maybe one or two other models.

had the money cat IVs but trashed them.

will not be paying retail for any of these.
Joined Jul 26, 2005
it really pissed me off to see the EXACT same 3's and 4's that came out 4 years ago. Its also a load of crap that they upped the price on the 4's $35 and the 3's $25.... Just to give us a shoe in which the ONLY difference is the UPC # inside the shoe. If they would have changed them up some and made them reflect the "Silver Anniversary" name they were given, I wouldn't be complaining now!
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