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Oct 5, 2007
How do the LeBron 2's fit? I wear the LeBron 3's in a size 11, the LeBron 4's in a 10.5 and the Soldiers in 11. What size LeBron 2's should I get? I hear they run small.
Too me, the Lebron II run small. They are narrower then the III and IV. Im an 11 in III and IV but im an 11.5 in the II
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^^^^^^Welcome Song to the REAL forum- the shoes you won fit almost the same as your soldiers
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These are one of the smallest fitting shoes Nike has put out that I've worn. I'm a true 10.5 and I had to get an 11.5 for my black/red pair.

But they're a great shoe, performance and looks.
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I wear a size 12 and they fit true to size for me. However this is the only pair of lebrons I have.
I wear the LeBron 3's in a size 11, the LeBron 4's in a 10.5

My experience is that 2 fits about the same as the 3..
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If a shoe feels bigger than you expected, wear a couple pair of socks, or one pair of thicker socks.

If a shoe feels smaller than expected, wear thinner socks (like Nike's Dri-FIT socks).

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I bought the IIs recently. I normally wear a 13, but all they had at the store i went to was a 14. I just added a second pair of socks and they fit just fine. OR get some NBA socks...thats probably what i'll do if I decide to hoop in them.
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they run small for me. went half size up.
FS: DS Lebron IV Gold/White size 10. Send me a PM if interested.

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dont be sorry. I wear 11 and ordered a 12. I think 11.5 would've been perfect. thanks for all your help :wink:
I didnt have a choice then kaczalas, size 12 was the only size I could find. And I ignore no one. Plus I ordered size 11.5 on ShoeDeals4U.com yesterday ;p
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