Zoom LeBron III Birthday Bundle, READ!

Jan 3, 2003
Post if you're going to be on-line at 12PM PST/3PM EST to purchase a pair of Zoom LeBron III Birthday Bundle--



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Those shoes are so nice.
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I'd be grimey and resell, but I don't even know if I'd make my money back on this stupid package.
i'm the boogyman
250 there crazy maybe swossh.com has these
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I'm gonna wait until the 31st to see if they are just going to sell the shoes seperatly. I won't buy the pacakge, but I will buy the shoes. If not then oh well, I would rather spend my money on the white/red XIV's. Now those are some ill shoes :pimp:
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You see...There were 1000 BUNDLES created, but an unlimited number of the shoes produced?
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I will but only if I'm sure they aren't releasing four days later.
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250 aint worth it
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honestly, how much do you guys expect these to resell for. the last bdays were going for 500 so what do you think about this time around.
i think i will be getting them tomorrow.
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Looks like I'm only copping one pair. I wanted three. I have $600+ in my bank account, but I can't go under $500, and my dad doesn't have a whole lot of money now.
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do you always post things late on purpose? Or do you not check recent posts before you make new topics?

this is like the 8 billionth post on this topic.

..nothin's ever promised tomorrow today..
I'm scooping 1 pair.
"I use to hustle for Jordan kicks, now I do it for a brick ...." - Cormega
^^ Slim and none...
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