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    Bachelor Pad.

    What are you trying to hang up? Anyways pick the desired area and tap the wall lightly with your fist (like you're knocking on a door) and you'll hear where the hollow areas areas, once you find the'll know the difference based on the sound. Drill away! Other option would be is to...
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    Air Jordan 13 “Lucky Green” Releasing July 2020

    They keep changing every time updated pics come out. Will have to see these in person first to make the call!
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    Air Jordan 11 low retro - black/white - university red - true red - June 27, 2020 - $185

    Picked up a pair for my kid! Processed quickly and the GOT EM' notification came up by 7:04am. I passed just because I still have the Concord Lows from 2014. Good luck NT fam!
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    Jordan XI Clear Holiday 2020

    We've gotten our fair share of black patent leather non-OG XIs over the years (72-10s, Cap & Gowns, Gammas) and all those colorways look better then these. To each their own though, I'm from the Bay Area and alot of my friends who are Raiders fans will pick these up. End of day though, they'll...
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    Air Jordan 11 low retro - black/white - university red - true red - June 27, 2020 - $185

    Will probably pick up a pair for my kid but gonna pass on these just because I already have a pair of Concord lows from 2014 Always been a fan of XI lows...perfect summer shoe to go with a pair of shorts!
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    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    SNKRS pairs arrived yesterday! I bought the retro release in 2005 (passed on 2010 ) and 15 years later, I'm buying the retro again for me and my kid. Also logged back onto NT for first time after all these years too!
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    Peloton Bike

    We purchased ours last year and enjoy it! It's been clutch during the shelter-in-place. The bike is expensive but they do offer 0% for the bike and membership come out to about $100 a month (membership is $39 a month). My wife's cycle studio membership costs around $140 a...
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    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Got the shipping confirmation fom SNKRS for my men's pair, but not yet for my kid's! Same thing happened with the Fire Red V's...the kid's size didn't arrive until the week after.
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    Air Jordan 11 Retro Low “Columbia” - May 2021

    I'm digging these! Of course, would still like a fresh pair of mids but will definitely get a pair if they come out. I always liked the XI lows...goes well with any outfit and is the perfect summer sneaker.
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    Confirmed Jordan 6 "hare” Push out to June 2020? $190

    Gonna pass on these...been an expensive year so far, can't get them ALL.
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    Retirement?? Why though....

    besides the chicagos that came out today, I havent bought a pair of jordans since the white/red XIIs last year. not much of an appeal to me anymore, i sold off the stuff that i no longer wear or need, and i have all the pairs that i truly like. every pair i own now is one that i wear.
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    Air Jordan 14 White/Red 2012 Retro

    maybe im getting old, but i swear i feel like these just came out yesterday.
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    Stingiest things you've seen other people do?

    we got a guy in the group that never pays for rounds at the bar/club? he is always quick to take a shot but when it comes time for him to buy a round he dissappears in the club or pretends that hes too drunk and can't drink anymore. he also never pays or chips in for bottles, one ocassion he...
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    yea buddy! originally though, i live in south san jose now. i used to stay around story/white, i been eating at pho 54 for awhile now, but santa fe was a recent discovery this past summer!   
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    Official Air Jordan X "Chicago" release thread 1/21/12! No buying/selling/trading!

    Around here (San Jose, Bay Area) it was only difficult because each store got such a limited quantity but in terms of it being a "general release", 5 different stores in the mall got them. Ended up getting two pairs, so I'm all good. Probably won't wear them until summertime, but these things...
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