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    Car's/Air jordans. Do any cars remind you of AJ's?

    The VI's came out in '91, and the MarkIV version of the Supra not until '93. How exactly was it inspired?
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    dope... id put white laces tho... but i knew alot of minds would change
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    question regarding the "Nike Air" fuss...

    I dono if this has been covered... but whats the difference in using the swoosh for the 1's and using "nike air" for the 3's iv's etc? isthere a reason why it was cool for the 1s... but no other shoe?
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    Mars Blackmon

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    Mars Blackmon

    i Like the idea...but.. those commercials were always funny... dont get me wrong... i loved them... but i think the xx3 ads should capture the drama, suspense,the excitement, the greatness, the legacy of Mike.... il be looking for alot of slow motion, captivating music.... something real...
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    not too fond of them... however....i saw them in action on the court, and they dont look bad on the hardwood...
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    What is Bobby Frasor of UNC wearing?

    anybody got the pic when the whole team wore the columbia XI's, in like 01 02.... theres a with like 10 players grouped, maybe a timeout...and they allhave them on... ,
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    Jordan Mens Ol School White/Silver/Cement

    :hat Pardon my steps.
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    Confirmed XX3 *edited*

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    Air Jordan Hoody

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