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    Ultra Boost v1 black - legit check

    Hello guys A friend would like to get a legit check on these ultra boost v1 black. can anyone give me a hand here? thank you!:D
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    Adidas NMD thread

    smallest women size listed on the uk site is uk 3, which is women US 4.5 it exists somewhere out there I guess :p good luck hunting!
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    Adidas NMD thread

    Just copped my 1st pair of nmd, the lush red. (late to the nmd game, I know.. :p) I am kinda disappointed with how the boost feels in these. I personally own both pure boost and ultra boost. Comparing to the two, I can barely feel the cushiony and bounciness from nmd's boost. Imo it's not a...
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    sneakersnstuff and canada

    8o you are just very lucky (should go buy buy some 649 :p) do you still remember whether he claim it as a gift on the custom form?
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    sneakersnstuff and canada

    yea I got dinged hard with custom buying from foot partrol uk last month. brought a pair of adidas eqt 2/3 for around $300 which is fair because the shoes retail for that much on but ended up paying $115 for custom alone at the post office.. fml|I
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    Official Vancouver - Outlet and Store Report

    Found an Adidas outlet off google adidas Outlet Burnaby   Address: 5761 Marine Way #200, Burnaby, BC V5J 0A6 have any of you been there?
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    OFFICIAL 2020 - 2021 AIR MAX 95 THREAD

    reverse grape is firrre!
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    Any SFU Students on NT???

    1st of all~ good luck to ya all exam! may sneakers be with u (...?... xD) damnnn... my exam is tomorrow @ 8:30am... my last is @ 17th ooo... lets make a sneakers/ collecting whatever club next sem what ya all think?
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    March 2008 Pickups thread!

    copped fuji rod (p-rod 2) @ downtown be4 class today~
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    Any SFU Students on NT???

    whatuppp fellow SFU heads~ let me introduce myself... name: (u can probably tell from my nickname) major: psyc (just started 3rd yr) collection exp: started with hulk SB release back in 2003. kicks sadness: when a pair of my NB got frauded over @ CT...T_T favorite brand: i just buy whatever...
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    Van NTers: where to find visvim?

    really? thx... i will go there and take a look anywhere else? thx~
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    Van NTers: where to find visvim?

    i plan to buy a pair of boots for this winter. visvim would be my 1st pick. but it doesnt have to be. so any recommandation? any1 know where to find itlocally? i need sz 8. so if any1 got some, hook it up. pm me. thanks
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    Van City: what 25th year AF 1 are at GoodFoot ?

    hello BC folks: what 25th year AF 1 are at GoodFoot now ? any1 know whether they come in size 7 ? ...thanks... Wanted: AF 1 HTM 2nd Black Croc Skin. sz 7
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    Local shoe trade...who's up fpr it???

    i am from BC Canada. what i need is in my sig: Wanted: AF 1 HTM 2nd Black Croc Skin. sz 7
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    BC folks: where're u gonna shop @ boxin day?

    for me... i probably gonna go pick up a action figure and a pair of jeans. any good recommanded jeans? what about u ...? Wanted: AF 1 HTM 2nd Black Croc Skin. sz 7
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