⚽️The Footy Thread: German Super Cup, International Champions Cup, Copa Libertadores

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The way things have been going the last few days, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Barcelona get knocked out by OL next week....
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Loved the young players getting some burn, but was not impressed with Chong
Dude came on with like 10 mins left literally could not have been thrown on in a worse/tougher situation:lol:, gotta cut all the kids some slack playing in a situation like that.

It was already heart wrenching for all the fans, can't imagine how it was for the 17/18 year olds actually out there on the pitch
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Na, you suck at speaking things into existence. Every time you speak into existence that “Mou isn’t coming to RM”, more and more rumors and more and more leaks coming out that he is.

Your speaking into existence skills are trash.
nope I spoke into existence the 3 in a row last season, and Mou still not coming
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Look I’m not an expert like some of y’all, especially you die hard MU fans, but dude didn’t look good. Sure it was his CL debut with 10 minutes or so to go, but dude had a couple bad turnovers. Props for the hustle, no doubt.
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For me, that wasn't a penalty. But more importantly, PSG bottled it in the R16 for a 3rd year in a row. This goes beyond the manager that they have/had. MBappe was rather poort this game, especially considering the form he has been in. Cavani should have gotten on earlier, they had no real aerial threat
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Fred was the best player of the game imo

Literally didn’t make a mistake all day. Held the ball, made so many key stops on defense, he showed his quality and potential today.
Not sure what led to him playing even after the regime change but if he did indeed play well today, he should begin getting playing time regularly so he can develop a rhythm.

Fred was a beast at Shaktar & even more so in European competition. I hope Ole starts playing him regularly.
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Still buzzing fam. McTominay and Fred were HUGE today. Class performance.

Iceman and Smalldini hanging on to Mbappe for dear life. Luke Shaw was immense too.

What a game.
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