⚽️The Footy Thread: German Super Cup, International Champions Cup, Copa Libertadores

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I dont wanna hear anymore of this nonsense of PSG being an elite European squad. Them boys crumbled faster than a Jenga tower with a piece missing.
You can't sit here and tell me that league doesn't matter. These boys are barely tested throughout the season beating water bottlers like Evian 5-0 but come up against real quality sides and get they asses smacked and sent back to the kitchen. They come up against a depleted United side and can't close the deal on their home turf. And that isn't the first time. This squad is blue balls personified.
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I didn’t watch the game but oh my gosh.

Lukaku officially back.

And Ole is 100% deserving of being the manager


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Happy for Lukaku, just a few weeks ago pundits were talking about shipping him out to Wolves or some mid table club

Also ESPN FC sucks as a show
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Just learned some football history from Sid Lowe, Cruyff was originally sold to RM from Ajax, but being the rebel he is Cruyff said he decides where he goes, and picks Barca. Di Stefano's was sold to both teams and would alternate the between both teams in a 4 year span, Di Stefano wouldnt go for that. Barca eventually pulled out and the rest is history.
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Big game tonight for us in CONCACAF champions league. I really really hope we can be the first MLS side to win it. Gonna be tough to get past Monterrey

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Other than the assist, how was mbappe?
Must’ve been relatively quiet. Haven’t heard him mentioned either way which is odd because just this morning people were ready to give him the #2 spot.

had Neymar been playing all the blame would’ve went on him.
and this is why i still rate neymar above him
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I mean it’s still Neymar’s team so he would ultimately take the blame.

That chick that did lukakus house tour :pimp:
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What’s really going thru Neymar’s mind....


Idk I tried :lol: Neymar’s face will forever be an emoji instead of a meme
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Pissed off aboti this match. Monterrey has been foulin the **** out our dudes especially Pity has been getting hacked the entire night and this ref has refused to show yellow cards for any of these blatant fouls. And that early penalty call was bull****. Not good enough on the night defensively but Jesus **** ref show some balls
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Congrats to the MU supporters. Hell of a comeback, mates. This squad sure has some kinda belief under OGS. At this point, surely there's no question he deserves to be the long-term manager. I mean, he hasn't even lost in the EPL yet through 12 matches as boss. Only dropping points to LFC and Burnley along the way. Beat Spurs in league during that stretch. Defeated Arsenal and Chelsea in the FA Cup. Just dispatched PSG in CL, surprisingly. Commendable job as 'caretaker' gaffer. I'm gonna drop a bombshell here and now. If OGS can sort out the back, pair a proper centre-half to go with the resurgent Vic Lindelof, United is my pick to win Champions League. That's a deep side with Rom rounding into form. Fred played perhaps his best match in a United shirt. Dalot is cookin' with confidence off Ole's bench. I actually thought Diogo deserved to start over Ashley Young, after his showing over the weekend sparking the boys over Southampton. Completely understand why OGS went for the veteran presence in Ash though. Takes guts to put on Tah Chong (19) and Mase Greenwood (17) when you're chasing a goal away in Paris.

Not to kill the buzz and joy, but in real time, that wasn't a penalty for me. I didn't think the handball was the slightest bit intentional on the part of Kimpembe. It wasn't ridiculously unnatural either if you attempt to view it from a defender's POV. Pres was jumping with his back turned to desperately defend, block and obstruct Dalot's shot. You hate to see it, gotta feel bad for the poor lad after his strong showing in the first leg at Old Trafford. Pure class of Lukaku to spend a considerable moment consoling the young Parisian centre-half. FWIW, I also don't believe Morata's opening goal against Juve should have been disallowed. In real time, the run of play appeared clean. When you slow it down and watch in replay a million times, the foul on Chiellini naturally looks worse. Coupé It Coupé It , I was the one who first mentioned believing Juventus will advance on Tuesday vs. Atleti. Douglas Costa is dealing with a hammy issue, bruv. He hasn't had the same trust from Allegri since the 4-match ban for the spitting incident. Also got into a car crash in February. Around the time Dybala got into a row with Allegri for not being subbed on against Parma, a match they ended up drawing 3-3.

Let me be abundantly clear, Thilo Kehrer is my guy but me oh my, that was a disastrous, unthinkable ball to play in the center of the pitch like that leaving Thiago Silva completely exposed and Rom in on Gigi's net. Keep it 100, PSG paid a lot of money to Schalke for Kehrer and kudos to Tuchel for letting him hold down the RB spot much of the season. He's showed his youth a few times this campaign though. Obviously with the giveaway today, vs. Lyon (and Memph) beginning of February and the stunning Coupe de la Ligue L to Guingamp, miserable second half in that one. You just have to wonder if Tuchel will consider integrating Colin Dagba more. Although I do see Dagba with value further up the pitch at RM or RW down the line.

All the Neymar bantz is fun and games, the Jaime Lannister behavior is most definitely suspect, especially so flagrantly in the public eye. But I still rate the Brazuca as the third-best footballer in the world after CR7 and Leo. Mbappe after the golden trio. You can complain about the theatrics all you want, but the fact is, nobody was getting fouled more in the WC than Neymar. Switzerland and Costa Rica were hacking him down literally every time he touched the ball. So sure, he got fed up and embellished against Mexico which became a meme. If you guys remember, Mbappe had a crystal clear chance to notch a third away goal for PSG late in the second half at OT. Neither him or ADM performed the way they did in the first leg. Fair or not, without Ney and "El Matador," the onus fell largely and squarely on the 20-year-old's shoulders to get Paris through to the quarters. By any means necessary. PSG can't even secure the 'French treble,' since they're knocked out of Coupe de la Ligue. Pains me to say, almost through two years, Neymar's big Parisian move has been a failure. If PSG doesn't make at least the semis in next year's edition, I wonder how patient Al-Khelaifi will really be. Tad bit of irony, all the big signings like Ney and Mbappe, even a guy like Paredes in the January window, and one of the more sterling acquisitions has been Juan Bernat. He's doubled the paltry sum paid to Bayern. Kurzawa gonna be glued to the Paris bench if this run of form keeps up.
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