2:30 AM at a 7-11 in Orlando, FL 1987..VOL very different..

Joined Feb 9, 2013
everyone's buying normal items as well which is. If this was by a club today , people probably be buying dutchies, jimmy wraps and aqua net hair spray lol
Joined Jun 17, 2011
my man bought a slurpee for $1 AND STILL GOT SOME CHANGE BACK!!

:smh: at how it used to be
Joined Dec 24, 2011
"I see youre getting some milk and some mozzarella cheese, kind of a special breakfast for you isnt it" :lol: what
Joined Aug 1, 2009
I know none of these people knew each other but it would be awesome to get them in one room and find out what they have been up to the last 26 years.
Joined Jul 22, 2003
you know damn well those dudes didn't go out to buy sugar at 2 in the morning so they could bake a cake.

something about about those guys.....just doesn't add up......
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:smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin

I love videos like this ! No script, no actors, no editing... just raw footage from a time long gone. I feel vids like this give you so much more of an insight in to language and mannerisms of people from the past than the studio produced movies we all use for reference.

lol the fact you made this thread kinda got me tripped out.... I almost made a thread similar to this a few days ago

Here it is, an unscripted look at the moments leading up a a Judas Priest concert that took place in the parking lot of the Capital Centre In Landover Maryland May 31 1986...Heavy Metal Parking lot

^ FYI The guys that filmed this told people they were with MTV.... but they werent :lol:
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