206 NTers, Where did ya'll have prom?

Mar 31, 2004
Just started planning prom for my class of 2008 and looking for some ideas. Where did you guys have it, and did you like it, any reccomendations?
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Decatur High School this year will be at Union Square in downtown Seattle
ingraham high school c/o 07 will be at safeco field
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Junior Year: Royal Hawaiian Hotel, on the shores of Waikiki Beach

Senior Year: Hawaii State Convention Center, on the edge of the Waikiki strip

Sorry, I know this doesn't really help :b
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I graduated from Franklin H.S. in Seattle, WA we had our prom on the top 2 floors at the Columbia Towers. The ticket prices were super steep but well worth it.
Experience Music Project. It was dope, check it out.
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Shorewood '07 was at the Inglemore Country Club
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Safeco field was... koo, you could just chill for a minute out in the seats.
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