Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

Joined Mar 16, 2020
Photoshopped pics just hit the air waves.
Colorways not looking to appealing.
Hopefully the material used brings me back in.
Joined Nov 29, 2016
How are these being released? Do you have to live in LA to get them or will they be released on sneaker apps?

j mobile

Joined Oct 26, 2014
Same way the 1s were. Through Union's site and SNKRS.
Exactly. Intel is saying that just like the 1s, there’s gonna be the more “widely available” pair that you can get via both places, and then the second pair that’s only through Union and their site.
Joined Aug 26, 2016
Maybe they'll grow on me like the 1s did (because I HATED those too) but I can't see any appeal to these at all. Everything about them is weird, they hardly look like 4s.
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