Air Jordan XII Black/UNC information post

Dec 9, 1999

Just talked to my friend inside Jordan Brand, and here is some info for everyone. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS, as one point is very important and the rest is to clear up stuff.

1. DO NOT POST ANY LINKS TO THE JUMPMAN23.COM WEBPAGE! When individual links are straight posted here, it directs EVERYONE to one server, and it CRASHES that server. There are eight different servers that host, and when you post a link to the pack, it overloads one server. So PLEASE DO NOT POST DIRECT LINKS.

2. The pack is available as I type this, 10:38 A.M. PST. When you get to the page, allow a few minutes to refresh everything, and you will get through. They are selling fairly quickly the last time I don't sleep.

3. It is three pairs per customer, and it is ONLY available online and ONLY available in the pack. The shoes will NOT be sold separately. I repeat, NOT sold separately. There is sufficient numbers to go around, and if they are not completely sold out by Dec. 3, they will be available ONLY on to sell the remaining packs. Members get first shot, so you can still sign up on the website.

4. Again, please don't post individual links. Jordan Brand is sorry for all the technical difficulties, hopefully everyone will get a shot at the XIIs! If you have any questions, feel free to email or PM me.

Thanks for reading


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cool thanks got two pairs 1 foe me and 1foe my bro, still thinking of the second pair for me.
JordanLovah ~ :stoneface:

I never got the email or invitation flier and when I try to log in it says its not valid... Do they give u a special user name so u can get them? Can i use someone elses user id so i can order them??
Ok, this all makes a bit of sense now.

Back when the Zens came out, somebody posted a link, but that link was to a test server, and if your ordered from that one, your order didnt really go through. But the whole thing was accidental, and shouldnt have been up.

This time, Nike hit with multiple servers, but we kept crashing them by refreshing over and over again. So now when you login you are in "queue" in a socket waiting for the last guy to leave. Jesus, its just like standing in line at NT!

So the links people were posting were hitting individual servers, that had since been redirected to the "sorry" page, but since people had the direct link to the url to the page AFTER the redirect, people still got in and bought the shoes, since there was lighter traffic because of the "sorry" page.

That make any sense?

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Shady that makes alot of sense, that's how I was able to order mines, when many people were logging on to the sorry page, I took a detour and used the given link from size13 and got my order to process.
when i try to login in throught retro12/login it skips the page that allows u to order em, can n e one give me sum info about that?
It seems obvious now that the links people were passing off including unique session IDs could overload individual servers, but this is really the type of information that we could've really used a couple of nights ago.

Certainly, had I been aware of that possibility we could have prevented people from using such links and saved EVERYONE some frustration.

Of course, much of what we're finding out now has NOT been communicated to us directly, it's all either trial and error or second-hand information.

I can't help but miss the days when we had nikedotcom around to actually COMMUNICATE with NikeTalk - since it's obvious that our community is responsible for much of the server strain. As it stands, we have no liaison aside from the customer service professionals, who in this instance appeared overburdened and under informed.

An added note for those still having difficulty:

I was able to access the sign in page, but after logging in I was always redirected to the front page. It seems that, since I signed up for Team Jordan back when it was first introduced, some information was missing in the membership profile that apparently proved a prerequisite for ordering the nubuck package.

For example, I don't recall the brief questionnaire regarding my past 6 months of Jordan purchases on the original Team Jordan application years back. Once I was redirected to the j23 front page, I had to click the register link on the front page and complete the missing information in order to get back on track.

Again, had it not been for others experiencing this problem on NT - who knows when or if I might have managed to resolve it.

Goodness knows that had there been a desire to test things ahead of time, throngs of NTers would have stepped up to volunteer and ensure that, on launch day, none of these glitches would sour what would otherwise have been a terrific experience.

Again, I appreciate the information to the fullest - but what happens to those who DON'T have access to Jordan brand employees, or who don't have the benefit of NT's collective trial and error experience ordering the package? They're out in the cold, because virtually none of this has been communicated to them.

The self-refreshing page my browser is currently stalled at is a nice touch - and the individuals responsible should be commended for providing such a stopgap solution, but 1) many of us have had trouble even reaching that page to begin with and 2) had that solution been implemented two nights ago, we might not have had kids staying up later than they should've been on a school night.

This has just been unfortunate for all parties involved.. I wish I could've done more to help my fellow NT'ers and the individuals operating the launch and managing the technical problems, but there just wasn't ANY communication there. That's really what I regret the most out of all of this. No communication or a dearth of communication between the technical staff and the customer service staff, which leads to insufficient communication between customer service and customers, which leads to misinformation, confusion, and chaos.

It's times like these I really feel that NT is absolutely underutilized. If WE knew what was going on, we could've prevented a good portion of the strain placed on the customer service staff AND the technical staff simply by passing along information that probably should've been apparent to the customer through the ordering pages to begin with.. it's just a total breakdown.

Why did the site message utilize such ambiguous terminology? That leads to confusion. Let people know what's causing the server strain, let them know that they can STOP trying to force their way in, because ordering WILL NOT commence until such and such a time - and then stick with it. "we're having technical problems" is a sheer cosmetic improvement over a bare bones 404 error. It leaves the end user with more questions than answers.

I won't go back over the criticism levied in the other post, but suffice it to say I'm still a little bewildered by this whole experience. What's perhaps most frustrating to me isn't that I wasted time attempting to purchase the shoes, that when they're finally ordered they'll arrive later than expected, or even that I may not be able to pick up my three packages in the proper sizes for everyone on my list. My primary frustration is that they may not try this again - and my inability as an admin or our inability as NikeTalkers to stay on top of the situation and prevent people from overburdening the servers has contributed to this disaster and may indeed prevent Jordan brand from attempting another team jordan exclusive.

Skip the cynicism about corporate greed and whatnot; this was FOR us. This package was FOR internet-savvy, die-hard Jordan fans. And now it's been marred. With patience, everyone should still be able to purchase, receive, and enjoy their packages - save for those who live overseas or even across the border and are dependent upon either friends or vultures.. but price and availability issues aside - an event that was supposed to be full of excitement and anticipation has left many of us with regret.

Is it our fault that the servers crashed? Yes and no. Fellow Jordan fans who mashed the refresh button or used bootleg links caused servers to crash, but one could certainly argue that proper preparation would have negated such problems and proper anticipation could have prevented overzealous customers from creating havoc. In either case, I can't help feeling that, had we simply had a clear channel of communication with those behind the launch, MUCH of this could've been alleviated or prevented outright.

There will probably not be another Jordan Team Exclusive Package because of all of this, But then again Nike is bringing in big money. They did not know there would be such a hype, But also they should have been ready I say.

My font off to you Method Man....Speak what needs to be read :smokin
Well spoken Method. I do see how us as NTers basically caused the problem, but communication from Nike to us could have easily prevented that. Nike could have put more than the "We are experiencing technical difficulties." statement on the page. If we were the ones causing the problem, we could have stopped it an prevented all this mess. But only with Nike's help. It would be a shame for them not to offer a member exclusive again. Next time just be more prepared.
it is ONLY available online and ONLY available in the pack. The shoes will NOT be sold separately

*drools* this makes it official, THANKS ALEX!!!

METH-That was so well said, it was scary :smile:

It is unfortunate that the same culture we represent is the same one that takes us for granted. Personally I feel as if i was taken for granted. What i mean by this is that if this was any other culture besides shoes, people would have said "forget this, im not going to spend my money on someone who doesnt even care enough to make a 5 mintue buying experience harmless" We put up with alot of BS from Nike-overproduction, poor product quality, rude customer service, gross underproduction, and just a general diserespect, exemplified perfectly by their inability to host a damn internet server for under 2000 people. Nike hyped these XII's,they made NT's (yes this shoes were marketed FOR NT as Meth stated above) anticipation for these shoes at an all time high. We felt the Love back, when we were offered an exclusive package for Us true sneakerheads, for once we felt the Love back, (even if the price was outrageous.)
Some of us woke up at crazy hours of the morning to be a part of somthing we felt was unique and generally cool, we waited and waited for the website to be fixed, and even post-raped when the technical difficulty page was updated for God's sake!! And when we were continuously dissapointed, after feverishly checking email inboxes and homepages (after we logged in of course :tongue:
) only to find a, new, improved!............difficulties page :\

The point here im trying to make is that we here at NT LOVE Nike period. We camp out, we fork over outrageous dollars ( and in this case we had to WORK to actually spend the money!!!!), we anticiapte, we drive long hours to small shops to get rare stuff, we show an undying loyalty and love to a brand that sometimes acts as if they could give a good GD less whether or not we are happy with our purchased item and our buying experience. Dont blame us for using bootlegged links, I did it, im not ashamed, i saved my money, made sacrifices and felt it was unnecessary to take a risk at not being able to get the proper sizes for theshoes and there other pacaked "bonuses" Nike and JB are the only ones to blame for their inability to take us seriously in a justifibly anticiapted event. We have expressed unwavering loyalty to a brand that has been slow and sometimes dissapointing in their efforts to show us the respect we damn well deserve.
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Just to add to the trial and error catalog we have here:

I was in the process of adding 3 different sized packages to my cart one by one which, as many of you known, is a time consuming process involving many auto-refreshes.

Apparently, I waited too long before adding the final package to the cart - and I received an error message letting me know that the product could not be added and that my cart may have been emptied.

I continued trying, but I couldn't add ANYTHING to the cart at that point. I even added an 18.5 just to see if I could - no luck.

I was able to resolve the situation by logging OUT and then logging back IN. So, if anyone else has experienced this problem - there's your work around.

Your best bet is to figure out all of the sizes you and anyone you may be ordering for will need before attempting to order, staying on top of the refresh page, and adding the items to the cart as soon as you have the opportunity. Otherwise, you risk timing out.

edit: and now that my order is complete, I'd like to state for the record that this is the hardest I've ever had to work to SPEND $620. I feel like Richard Pryor in Brewster's Millions.

when i click on the shoe size tab no sizes come up. anyone know what the deal is? thanks.
and now that my order is complete, I'd like to state for the record that this is the hardest I've ever had to work to SPEND $620. I feel like Richard Pryor in Brewster's Millions.


,, that had me laughin outloud
I am still around. I don't get to check out the site as much anymore though.

Hope everyone likes the shoe. I got a pair the other day and think they are pretty clean.

Methodman hit the nail on the head pretty much...and is definately right on about the time consuming. I figured out a way to help speed up the process.

Once you login that intial time, bookmark that page. Order your first pair, add to cart and hit the "continue shopping". That brings you to the front of the store, and when I clicked on the package from there it never worked, and I don't know if it works yet or not but if it doesn't go back to your bookmarked page, login again if necessary and do the process over. That saved me a lot more time, so the order process only took a couple mins.

And meth your total was around $620?? Mine was like $648....whats up with the difference?
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