Airplane Etiquette $%%...

Joined Feb 15, 2002
On my flight out to Orlando this dude thought it was a good idea to air out his socks using the overhead air conditioner. The +%$$ was nasty.
Joined Oct 8, 2004
my mans got that stuart smalley I'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me hair.



formerly diplomat tdot
Joined Jun 26, 2002
I think the guy is actually beside the dude with the hair he's probably a bit shorter (I could be wrong).

Just straight IGNANT
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Airplane Etiquette $%%...
If only they came up with an official list I hope they cant print it out...I'd rather have that than those 35 DutyFree magazines all bunched up infront of you.

Pet peeves when flying:

1. when they take the arm rest - Yes, I want both, I'm selfish
flying economy ftl.
2. when it's lights out and you're sleeping - the person next to you decides to turn on the light on his side. I'm very light sensitive
3. crying babies
...then again I'd have to deal with that in thefuture too
4. servin' me a gulp of liquid to go with my food
like seriouslyyou want me to choke?
5. people tryna rush out when they know we'll see each other @ the carousel waiting for our baggages in the end
Joined Feb 15, 2002
Alright here's a pic from the flight back home on United. It was some chick who had her leg up for about half the flight.
Joined Dec 6, 2008
I can't stand it when people get up and walk up and down the aisles.People acting like 4 year olds on 3 hour flights.

Sit the #+%+ down.
Joined May 25, 2003

I would have said something.... BUT you're in an airplane, you can't really risk your life like that, dude could erupt or something

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