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Sup fellas/ladies.  I'm taking off for Amsterdam in a couple of hours.  Any must-see spots besides the RLD and the Heineken factory?  Any clubs that I should check out.  I'll be there til Sunday.[h3]
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THeres a special pancake house thats really good. Pancake as big as your plate. And there is this Shwarma place in Leidseplein. I really wish I could remember what its called. Its on a side street that runs beside and then behind The Bulldog Coffee shop. Its on the right had side, red sign that says Schwarma. Best damn sandwhich in all of amsterdam I promise. Just get a Schwarma, some fresh fries and a coke and youll be in heaven. I was just there in March.

Sorry for the block of text, ENJOY! Oh and do a bike ride. Mike's Bike Ride's is pretty good. Might as well do it day 1, itll help you get familiar with the town and layout. Peace.


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COFFEE SHOP BRO.... gots to .. right after you get off the plane.. then go to the tourist attractions it will be more fun
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Be prepared for that's like nothing you've ever seen. I was too high the whole time I was there, so I don't remember much. Be safe son...don't wanna see you in Hostel 3.
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