Anybody want a puppy?

Nov 16, 2005
Mods lock or close if this is wrong. I didnt think I should post in the buy/sell since they are not shoes and I am not shipping anyways. Everything is will be in person.

I got 4 pitbull puppies. They are a little under 6 months old and all are UKC registered. Usually they sell for like 600+ but i need them out ASAP so i am looking to get 300 for each. They are on pennysaver and recycler but I thought id try here too. I had posted pics one day of the one I was going to keep but I can't keep him since we might remodel the house. They are all Males and are good with other dogs. They are in my backyard all together with the mom a cockard spaniel and a chihuaha. Well Let me know if anybody is interested. I am in the 310.
why cant people do this for bulldogs and boston terriers... :\
nya nya nya!!!
Thanks man. lol yea. I love pitbulls so much. My dog is the most loyal dog and she makes me scared to get another puppy because I am scared its not going to be as good as she is. She sets such a high standard for me to like any other dogs. I am hoping to get a bulldog too in the near future after we find out what we are doing with the whole remodeling situation. I would love to keep one but decided on getting a mostly in-house dog. Im looking to get a french bulldog maybe next year or after summer.
man what the helll i thought you were giving away and open to see that you tryin to hustle in the socal forum, waste of time homie buy sell if for you
I might as well be giving them away. If its such a waste of time why you sitting here contributing to the waste?
lol why can't you do it. I need them gone. I got like 2 people coming to look today. Hopefully Ill have them out. I got attached to the one i thought i was keeping. Im going to miss the little punk.
lol well im just trying make some of my money back...the price is dirt cheap if you look them up. pups range from anywhere to from like 600 at the cheapest to like 10,000 dollars at times. its crazy...these are good bloodlines and everything. I was just seeing if anybody wanted one for cheap. I posted them on other sites and have people calling me but it would be nice if a fellow NTer could get one so i can see how it matures and turns out.
everybody wants a puppy but no one wants to buy a puppy.

Has the perrier gone straight to my head...?​
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