Anyone going to the L.A. Convention Center this weekend?

Nov 24, 2002
It started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I just wanted to know if Avena Lee or Sophia Santi are there. Thanks in advance.
^how was it, I been goin since 2002, that's when they could actually flash and be nude, now new rules prevent that, so I don't even bother goin lately, do you hit it for free? and if you do got any xtra passes? lol

and was BRIANA BANKS there?? she been missing in action
I bought a VIP pass that gets me in Friday / Saturday / Sunday for $20 from a guy in the parking lot!!!
The convention actually sucks because there is no nudity.
Jenna Jameson looks skinny as hell!!!
I don't know many porn stars so I wouldn't know who Brianna Banks is.
I only know that I got to meet Olivia O'Lovely and Sativa Rose: Two of my favorites from back when I was a hardcore Porn watcher!!!
I also got to meet Belladonna, but she looks like a crackhead.
Actually all of these people look much smaller in real life, and I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them in person!!
The guys look small compared to what they make them out to be on the DVD's!!!
Its all about proportion I guess.
I'm going back everyday because they give away free passes to SPEARMINT RHINO GENTLEMENS CLUB, and if anyone knows, its a $20 cover charge to get in there!!!
I only got 5 today, I'm going back tomorrow!!!
TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
damn DunkinLo sounds like he a GREAT time haha

but see if you can grab me some Spearmint passes as well

Team Dodgers
55 . 59 . 63 . 65 . 81 . 88
^got any more pics of other porn stars? are those your pics? lol i used to take like 100-150 of those spearmint passes when I went
I work at the staples center right next door to the convention center and ive been seeing some wild @#%$! i might hit it up after work tomorrow see whats craccin
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