Anyone going to the L.A. Convention Center this weekend?

Joined Nov 24, 2002
It started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I just wanted to know if Avena Lee or Sophia Santi are there. Thanks in advance.
Joined Apr 10, 2003
^how was it, I been goin since 2002, that's when they could actually flash and be nude, now new rules prevent that, so I don't even bother goin lately, do you hit it for free? and if you do got any xtra passes? lol

and was BRIANA BANKS there?? she been missing in action


Joined Apr 20, 2005
I bought a VIP pass that gets me in Friday / Saturday / Sunday for $20 from a guy in the parking lot!!!
The convention actually sucks because there is no nudity.
Jenna Jameson looks skinny as hell!!!
I don't know many porn stars so I wouldn't know who Brianna Banks is.
I only know that I got to meet Olivia O'Lovely and Sativa Rose: Two of my favorites from back when I was a hardcore Porn watcher!!!
I also got to meet Belladonna, but she looks like a crackhead.
Actually all of these people look much smaller in real life, and I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them in person!!
The guys look small compared to what they make them out to be on the DVD's!!!
Its all about proportion I guess.
I'm going back everyday because they give away free passes to SPEARMINT RHINO GENTLEMENS CLUB, and if anyone knows, its a $20 cover charge to get in there!!!
I only got 5 today, I'm going back tomorrow!!!
TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
Joined Jul 15, 2003
damn DunkinLo sounds like he a GREAT time haha

but see if you can grab me some Spearmint passes as well

Team Dodgers
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Joined Apr 10, 2003
^got any more pics of other porn stars? are those your pics? lol i used to take like 100-150 of those spearmint passes when I went
Joined Mar 6, 2007
I work at the staples center right next door to the convention center and ive been seeing some wild @#%$! i might hit it up after work tomorrow see whats craccin
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