Brooklyn's Finest...

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The end had me like..

Spoiler [+] seriously, what the hell did I just watch?
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C'mon, how much potential do you think a movie has when u see Wesley Snipes in it, though...what was the last good movie he was in
but the movie did have alot of stars. The previews made it look kinda like Street Kings but worse.
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with ethan hawke it has potential but Im ready for a major letdown. Prolly ur typical cop movie


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Oiut of the two crappy cop movies out right now, you should of went with Cop Out. And that movie looks horrid as well.
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Originally Posted by drsfinest72

Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

Originally Posted by milkandcookies

it looked hoooooooot in the ads
It really did.
so how many stars you give it ? 5 being best 0 being the worst
I gave it a 2.

Spoiler, maybe...

The movie should have had a more concise ending, that actually brought the main characters together. Instead the audience just sits there and watches 3 stories that dont have $@*@ to do with each other, and dont even influence any of the other stories. Like maybe have Ethan Hawke run up in a raid to some place Cheadle and Snipes were at. Or have Gere do something in the movie that wasnt boring as hell.
Real spoiler
If it weren't for the cast of The Wire reuniting, I may have lost interest at like the 30 minute mark. By the way...
Spoiler [+]
When Omar got %!+#%$ UP at the end I
"You gonna do me like that right here in the street?" ... "Yeah." *shots* 

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Was wanting to see it, hot trash or not.

Just something about these movies are

but i just hope everythings not to easily predictable and cheesy.
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Movie was good in my eyes. Good story and good acting (although two of the cops stories were a little cliche). I was pissed at the ending though, but at least it wasn't too predictable.
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the guy who wrote the movie came out of the same film department im in. everybody calling him a success story. iunno but from the preview the movie looks like trash, wesley snipes in that durag. 
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I'll wait for the DVD or just catch the dl.

They should have had Wesley do an updated Nino look instead of the doo rag with a cape look.

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