Canvas AF1s? 7/28?

Apr 1, 2007
What's up with these? I would love some Canvas AF1s depending on the price.

EDIT: Thanks to cfujikawa for updated info. and pics!

hey guys, just wanted to contribute some info. i went by the nike1love store out here in tokyo this past weekend. in all honesty, i wasn't planning on picking up any of the canvas af1's. i was really just there check out the supreme tokyo's and new bobbito's.

anyways, these canvas af1's are sick. much better in person. i personally liked the greys the best and copped a pair, but the maroon and blue ones are sweet as well. like some people have stated, they retailed for 18,900 yen (tax included), which comes out to about $160. the prices seem to be a bit higher in japan than in the states, but i'd suspect them to drop somewhere in the $150-180 range. so, they should be cheaper than the leather supreme editions. right now, the only place they're available is the 1love store in tokyo. it sounds like they will release at a later date worldwide, at select locations (rumored to be a quickstrike). the guys at the shop said they're pretty limited, but i don't know how much validity there is in that statement, so as always, take it with a grain of salt.

btw. the midsoles on these are not white. they're an off-white cream color, and they come with a matching pair of 2nd laces. i think the cream laces really set off the shoes, and that factored greatly into my final decision. here's some pics for you to check out . . .
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Since they're a supreme you can almost guess a price tag of $200 & up. Hopefully they go the same route as all the other supremes this year so I can get them for real cheap. I remember Cweak telling us a couple months ago that these would be coming out.
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nearly can GUARANTEE you will find these under 200$, if you are willing to be patient. ALL supremes have been able to be snatched for under 200, or slightly over retail, ~10$, on ebay......unless they make these stupid limited :smh:

but, yeah, expect these to go on sale :smile:
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If they're 125 and under on sale, I'd go for it.
But for now, back to hunting Orange Canvas Lows.
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the blue pair is :wow:
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If it's 160$, that's not too bad I guess, but still, 125$ and I'll get them.
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GUARANTEE you will find these under 200$, if you are willing to be patient. ALL supremes have been able to be snatched for under 200

Add to that, they're canvas and relatively "boring" compared to the other supremes this year.

They're nice though.

which is roughly $160.

I don't see why they couldn't be had at around 100-120, depending on the production numbers.
Ok, I want these BAD partly because I could never find the orange canvas ones in my size.
2-3 years ago would you have ever imagined a canvas air force 1 would retail for $200?

So ridiculous.

I don't care how fond of a shoe I am (love the idea of these, but the shape, as usual, sucks), $200 for a sneaker that should retail a $80 is just plain stupid.
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Blue for $125 or less please.
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heres more pics



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Glad to see I'm the first of the group to be into the gray pair. I was just talking to a friend about these.

Where and when? I see 7/28 in the title, but no mention of that in the post.
Should've had a white swoosh, would've made the gray pair sooo much cleaner
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maroons are dope
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Blue = :smokin

Simple and plain + canvas + gum sole = one clean shoe.

One of the only pairs of AF1's I've liked in a long while.

Hope i can get them in my size once the prices drop.

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About $100 - $150...

 the outlets a few months from now.

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