Apr 21, 2001
yalls talk a good game about your bball skills on NT, so about making our own team? you got a sick bball sneaker collection, how about actuallyusing it? we could kill the gold division and i know there are some heads fiending to play. i know a number of your guys PM'd me interested in joining theleague so lets form our own team

open registration is coming up for the 6th season for


This is the same league that's expanded from 6 teams last year to about 50 in it's current 5th season, as i type this right now It's expected thatwill undoubtedly increase...

1) A league centered around YOU - the player
2) Keeps your statistics every game and records it on the website (points, FT attempts and makes, 3-pointers, boards, steals, assists, and blocks)
3) Writers at your game to recap and review you and the entire game highlighting the player with the most points, best performance, etc..
4) A PodCast where you could be interviewed pre/post game regarding your thoughts on your loss/victory
5) Standings as a team
6) Ranking as a player such as Player of the Week, who had the bet game of the week on each division. you get your photo taken and put on the website...
7) Recognized if you had the most points, steals, three pointers, etc in the season
8 ) 3 different division according to SKILL LEVEL and not by the COLOR of YOUR SKIN (gold division, platinum division, and diamond division)
9) Plaques and trophies for the individual and team for champs, MVPs, Rookies of the Season, GMs of the Season
10) A message board dedicated to the player where you could talk about what you feel could be changed in the league or if you felt something should bereviewed.
11) A dope 2 court gym with all the amenities
12) Staff actually on hand
13) Opportunity to cop your own team jerseys, customized as low as $40 for the jersey and shorts


14) How can I forget about the females? You know they love a balla
15) How can I forget about being able to catch a glimpse of AND1's very own Bone Collector, who is currently playing in the most competitive DIAMONDDivision
16) Live DJs at the game playing music before the game to hype you up, got a dope mix? we'll feature it. hell, you could use it as your intro!
17) and last but not least...
a) An all star game
b) A slam dunk contest
check out the highlight real of our recent dunk contest...
c) A three point shoot out. Our last winner won about $100
18 ) Once youre a SSBL player, you are for life as every season is archived and made available on the homepage...
19) a number of NTers are involved in the league as well such as the buy/sell moderator AirMag15, Bright Nikes, Kenn E, MrTracerBullet, and me, of course...
20) And once a year, we have a banquet that recognizes those key members that made this league possible. A few months ago, I was promoting the gig hardcore andwe held it at Level 3 in Hollywood and we did it VERY PROPER as we had tables and bottle service like it was nothing...

But what about the ladies?
Yep, we gotta league just for the ladies as well. Same exact format for the men...

How about the children?
Yep, we're hoping to debut out new installment to the SSBL family with SUPERSTAR BASKETBALL for KIDS

There is just too many good things to say about the league though. You don't wanna play ball? How about being a stats keeper? How about being a writer?

yep, got any questions? feel free to ask

add us to your myspace too


west covina

this comment was made on a mac
so far...

1) me
2) bluesurferx
3) kenn e
4) kobeeh
5) pdoggy85 + 1
6) footclan + 6

thats a total of 13, keep em coming. im sure some will drop last minute and some will add the day of.

yalls are more then welcome to come by next sunday to see the different levels of competition to see how ya fare up, lemme know and ill show you around...

peezy + 6 (one 6'3 asian. one 5'7 black. one 6'2 white. one 6' 8 black. one 6'6 white. one 6'11 white) tentative but we all gotta start only catch
I will die with no bullets in my holster
wow foot clan your team is pretty tall. you guys should sign up for the platinum division lol
we're all spreaded, from Monterey Park, Hacienda Hts, Crenshaw, Watts, Inglewood, Long Beach
I will die with no bullets in my holster
peezy + 6 (one 6'3 asian. one 5'7 black. one 6'2 white. one 6' 8 black. one 6'6 white. one 6'11 white) tentative but we all gotta start only catch
when there's a total of 7 of you fools, lol

man, you can make your own squad P. go join the platinum division

but forreal though, thats a good amount of height pete. ill add pdoggy and his boy to that squad, so with me itll be 10...

yalls will get good playing time so its up to yalls as a team to figure that out. when yalls wanna practice and get this underway?

thing is I said tentative only cause most these fools don't like playing League they only play outdoor at most indoor but open play on their own time, and they hate giving up money to play ball and it'll take me a good time convincing them to join. I could get maybe 3 or 4 of the them who do play league and I guess we can do it the legit way and see who's good enough to start.

Cause Walnut is far from most of the group I named but I'm down to join to try it out, and I'm down to practice Rock, so keeps me updated bro
I will die with no bullets in my holster
I'm down for next season
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^damn haven't seen you post in a minute airmag.

But, sounds like what you're doing is good :pimp:

I tore my acl at 24hr fitness so I'm done as good, good luck :pimp:

Oh yeah, I'm posting from my sidekick and you just read my sig.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm gonna have to drop out for this season. I forgot that we had already signed up for another league for the fall, which also plays on Sundays. Competition there sucks though. We're down to play the winter season though. I can probably get a couple more guys to play in the winter too.
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^^thats cool man.

this league begins on october 14th so this will be the last season of the year. i think the new season begins in january, after the holidays. of course i'll make another thread then because once yalls play for the 1st time in this league, youll only wanna be in this league, ya know?

here's the new updated roster, so

1) me
2) bluesurferx
3) kenn e
4) kobeeh
5) footclan + 6
6) airmag15
7) solesavage

sign me up

I'm 5'6

mostly a shooter

and i live right next to the diamondbar LA fitness 8)
if u were a burger at McDonald's you'd be McGorgeous​
Sign me up too
6'6" Great Midrange
"...he got changed over his change a block off Ashland
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