DESIGNER'S ROLL CALL: not a competition but an event.

Sep 25, 2002
People have expressed intrest, and I want to do this, so there's no better time to do this than now.
Whoever wants to post can post, no matter what the ability or skill level. If you think your creative, then show me your ish. There's no competiton, there's no worries. Post if your intrested, to keep post up, and moving. I'm psyched for this, and i have no patience so we'll make this fast and quick, so we dont have to wait weeks for results. * if you think the " due date" is too soon, lemme know. we'll be able to marvel at the talent that has been gathered on NT.

DUE DATE: sunday 24th.
ASSIGNMENT: - the next foamposite shoe FOR kobe.
- have the laker colourway.
- influences: - kobe and his
lifestyle. for example: rap, his
clothes, cars etc. etc....

if this is too hard or vague lemme know, and i'll change it depending on demand. if you have any questions or comments, post or you can email me.

CEDDIE: if you want to judge this * if you have the time, and think judging would make it more intresting* post and lemme know and we'll do this.

see you all on the 24th.


ps. I can't post anymore cause my bandwith ran out, someone help a brotha out?!
Not shaq. Plz. Make it Kobe. Even though it might be played out, people would rather do it for Kobe.

Maybe you can make it more general. Like a Signature shoe challenge. Make a sig shoe for a player. It could be any company.
hahaha... i made it shaq cause it'd more challenging=fun.. but whutevah. s'all good, kobe it is.
dood, i'd be good for that too!.
we'll do that next time if people are still intrested.
Manifest does have a good point. If we just make it for anybody then more people might be willing to do it.

I do remember Alpha saying he would participate in an online gallery of sorts and how he comes from concept to finished rendering.
it' just keeps the designs more unified if you have closer borders... but i'm not stuck on anything. i jus want to draw
Just because I'm a mod doesn't necessarily give me the privilege to judge the renderings - there are better experts for that. And since it's an event and no competition I don't think we need some "higher" judgment. :wink:
I appreciate the offer, though!

I'll gladly make this thread a sticky one and am looking forward to the participants' artworks. Good idea, znth81! Show us some skills, everybody - I've been impressed several times recently...

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Also, is it still possible to enter if I have no real means of colouring my design?
RIP Drew Kirk
Kobe hasn't signed with Nike. It should just be the next shoe for Kobes by anyone but Adidas, shouldn't it? Just curious, I would be more inclined, I have many RBK designs, and also some Nike, but not many foamposite designs.......
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Are you DMXperienced?
I am too busy to do the concept to finished rendering display I had talked about earlier, though I still want to do that at some point. But I have a Kobe already on the shelf that I drew I while back (not the one you guys have seen-it's new)- so I guess I'll throw that in the pot... I'll make it purty this weekend, but some more of ya'll gots to show and prove...

from now until infinity let icons be by-gones...
Prove what? That we must bow down to you.

lol. I can't wait though. I've got something somewhat crazy. It involves ultrashell material, and five pods.
i think you guys need to keep guidlines as narrow as possible so as to make better comparisons. you cant have a bunch of apples to oranges to pineapples comparisons. they should all be the same brand and the same technologies with the same goal in order to get anything out of this exercise/competition.

just my opinion.
man, i'm so psyched for this!! this i hope it all works out and we can do this more often.

splack2K: yeh, i agree... but if everyone else doesn't. no point in buggn.

dmxfury: dood, curious, but are you associated with reebok? You think i could email you a few questions?

ummmm... can soemone post my work hahaha... heheh.. hrmmmmm.... my bandwith is used up
I'll throw something together on Sunday. I don't have a lot of time right now for this one but I always gotta show :smile:
Looking forward to seeing all those designs...

Alpha: What's that thing in your personal pic? Some nike footballer with max air in his suit??
damn...i really want to do this, just got no time (i have mad deadlines coming up)...and its already the 23rd! it cool if we post after the date???

mauze: dood, i gots mad hw goin' on right now, so i totally understand. this isnt'a competiton, so no worries. but try... it's better to get em' all in rather then let it trickle
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