Do girls ever lie about not having boyfriends?

Feb 19, 2007
Yup, they sure do, especially ones in the clubs/lounges.
So I'm out last night having some cocktails with some other pretty people. Everything was going really well, I was at that point where I was faded but nottoo faded- in the zone, all my jokes were going over well, I was flirting just the right amount, and the topics of discussion were flowing nicely. All of asudden this dude kinda walks by and catches a girl I was with attention, and she immediately stands up, "It's not what it looks like, he has agirlfriend." (Referring to me, which is true, I do have a girlfriend.) Now I wasn't trying to poke this girl, or any of the girls I happened to bewith, we were just enjoying a beautiful Tuesday evening, and I was trying to be an entertaining gentleman. But at the same time she told me she was single, butit obviously doesn't look like that.. so why lie, especially when you know I have a girlfriend? And if she really is single, then why make that statementto the guy?
Oh yeah, even today she claimed that he is just a friend- and that she is definitely single. Girls can be so confusing..
YES. All my girl buddies that go stag to clubs all say they are single. Some say it so it doesn't get awkward if someone is buying them a drink and somejust say it to see if there are better fish in the sea.

But that is my friends....the trifling women that they are.
I'd have to say yes, basing on the fact i've lied about having a girl multiple times
as far as im concerned, lie about everything.

one time i was over my boys house and his lil female cousin was on the other bed laughin and jokin with us and her phone rang.

she answered , closed her eyes , and changed her voice to sound like she had just woke up,yawning and everything, then she told the guy on the other end thatshe was tired and sleepy and that he woke her up, and that she'll call him a little later. then she hung up.

i was like
i had no clue people did that

then we all had a good hearty chuckle
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Hell yeah, they do.

If they're attracted to you they don't have one, if they're unnattracted they do
Oh I know that, but I don't want to get chased by her man with a butcher knife, while I unknowingly smash her in their bedroom.
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