do u guys buy sandles? if so what kind and type?

Joined Sep 19, 2006
Sup y'all!! Just picked up on some jordan sandle..bought x2 sizes larger bc didn't have my size but they fit great and feel great and looks like theyfit. Its summer time!! what r u letting your toes breathe pics or just state.


formerly aceboogie
Joined May 31, 2004
reef fannings w/ the bottle opener bottoms...and i'm black. shame on nt, sandals/flip flops are appreciated.
Joined May 2, 2001
for a board full of guys who "wear that they like" ya'll are mightily concerned about what's on the next man's foot...and the perceptionof what's on yours
Joined Aug 24, 2006
my moms tried to make me wear sandals as a kid...I think I was bout 7... she hid all my other shoes... and left me outside to play... I played b-ball barefootthat day...I did everything barefoot that day.
Joined May 4, 2005
i hate jordan sandals... they are mad uncomfy now.... im gonna pick up some air max sandles this year
Joined Apr 24, 2005
Nike flip flops.

No chancletas/thong sandals though.

But if that's your thing, I can't object.

I just can't rock w/ it

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