Dont like the Jordan Packages so much huh..? READ THIS

Aug 6, 2001
Word is this Raging Bulls package is a test to consumers. As it does seem to be an attractive package to some, the fact of the matter is that their are twopairs of the same shoe with no leather in one box. Pay attention.

JB released 12 packages last year. Although they sold very well, some didnt meet expectations. JB feels it was due to the bad economy, blah blah, etc. Its Maynow. 6 months since releasing a package. Heres where the plot thickens..

JB wants to see if 6 months is enough time to determine whether the packages are here to stay or not. You buy this package? Guess what...say hello to future JBpackage releases.

Not buying this package? Well your doing your part on telling JB, "packages are not a good seller"...

Now im not telling you not to buy what you like...if you really are a fan of these sneakers and you have a passion for packages, go for it.

Take it how you want it...this is the truth.
i think i understand what you mean
im sick of packages jus as much as the next guy but i cant pass these up
theres something about them
the only reason i dont buy packages is that i cant find them,and on ebay they go for 2 Xor more EX 11/12 500$ .they should stop making them so damn hard to get,and then more people will buy them more
Da only reason i dont buy package's is cuz dey be sold out in stores, Then check ebay dey wackin on da prices....
Originally Posted by Guerrilla Warfare

Da only reason i dont buy package's is cuz dey be sold out in stores, Then check ebay dey wackin on da prices....

Yea man dat *!*% be wack as hell man dat day do dat dey iz wackin
im buyin the pack, but im splitting it with my dude. i think that will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
Well, it's gonna sell well all the time.
You and I know it very well. It's because those re-se#!@f$#x%#.

OMG, I can't seem to pronounce the word.
I can believe this cause I remember seeing there's suppose to be more packs w/ two of the same shoes like III/III etc....
Sad, but most likely true. I'm not getting this pack b/c it's not appealing to me...but they're definitely going to sell out with or without NTcoppin. This trend will most likely continue...
I got a plan. I'm probably picking up this release. So lets all buy this release and let JB think we want packages. Then when all the other packages comewe skip them. Then they have a bunch of overpriced packages they cant sell...If only that would work...A man can dream though.

On a serious note, I'm not a big fan of the Vs, but the only Vs I have are the CDPs. I love the inspiration behind these, and they remind me of the mindsetof the old JB, so i will support this one. I can't think of many other models i would want a double pack of. Unless they keep giving us red suede releasesand classic colorways.
i don't really hate the idea of packs. but i feel like jb should at the very least put some of that extra $30-$40 bucks they make on the packs towardmaking quality products. which they're not going to do. if not then price them like they did the bmp pack. which cost $200, exactly what it would cost youto buy 2 pairs of mid-cut 1s at retail. but they won't do that either. and i see this pack selling good, so i guess we're stuck with over priced packslike it or not.
I dont see the issue with packages cause the releases last year were nice imo of the colorways. I liked all the colorways but the MAIN ISSUE ALOT of people andme had were the price.

take the 4/19 for example, 4s go for 115$ and 19s sold at 150$ how does 115+150=330 for a pack? If all packs were 250$ I doubt NT or anyone would have a issuewith them.
Hmmm makes sense that BOTH shoes in the CDP's did NOT have leather. Anybody else notice this?
You may be right.

Glad I won't be buying, but that won't make a difference to the sales.
the crazy part is that true collectors have to take what they can get as for as regular J's go or settle for Fusions/6rings
... i've been getting by with a few of the 1's that released but thispack really feeds the need if you know what i'm talking about.
it will sell out because people seen what happen last time with the first dmp it cost a lot of money now!!!
^I dont remember any package where both shoes had full leather

suede/nubuck - i right?
Heard this before since the beginning of packs and high priced combos like the thunder and lightning, the packs are here to stay... Im coppin these 5's nomatter what.. And were not the only ones who buys these packs like here in the H if its nice colorway retros relesin they'll be gone in minutes... Thispack gonna sell.
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