Dressing Better Vol 2.0

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Whether it’s a $20 dress shirt or a $150 shirt, wearing nothing under ruins the shirt after some wears.

I don’t like when the shirt is visible under the dress shirt though when you have the top 1-3 buttons unbuttoned That’s when those deep v necks or u necks come into play :lol:
3 button gang here. Gotta flex the chest tatt and cuban. I need a tank though like people said in here so sweat doesn't get on the shirt.
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Can someone repost the IG’s of those minimal-style pages that a few people recommended in here?

Don’t feel like digging through all the pages to find it
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I know right. Idk how people wear shirts under polos and shirts even hoodies.

Also new deodorants have their special one that indicates no staining.

Degree ultra clear is the bomb.
Whoa, too far with no shirt under a hoodie.

Too much cotton for my nipples.
Never fails but there is always someone who takes it too far. No shirt under a hoodie? WTF!
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Hey guys,
I am helping a friend on a project and we need to understand your relationship with your shoes. If you don't mind hitting the link and answering a few questions, I would really appreciate it.

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Lol bro no bs I live in Wisconsin and we haven’t hit a real streak of 70+ days yet plus my office is cold. I still been in hoodies and sweaters fairly regular this year which sucks.
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