Oct 13, 2008
Anyone else feel that life serves absolutely no purpose? Life is an endless cycle of the mundane and absurd (word to Albert Camus)
I feel that way. But I'm gonna be damn sure to enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows what happens after this?
The Stranger by Camus is pretty sick

I thought existialism: One gives one's life meaning through action; life has no value unless one gives it value.

So what you put in is what you get out, more or less. Or am I wrong?
I get the feeling that if this were true or even if I believed in this I'd get on my existentialist grind and give my life meaning/purpose if in factexistence precedes essence.

I mean how many ppl actually live their life without it serving some purpose to them whether they decide it or someonedoes for them? You'd have to be born within some void or without any of your senses.
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Go to bed.
Exactly, everyday is a cycle of the same ol' nonsense. You get up and its yadda yadda yadda for 16 or so hours and you go to bed.
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If there is no God, the only logical conclusion is...Who cares?
I was going to mention this earlier but I didn't want another absurd religious NT debate..........but humans need religion because it giveslife a purpose.
Sorry I'm an idealist, so life can serve a purpose. Live my life by this line "No to days are a like like the first and 15th pretty much"-Jay-zeveryday has purpose, otherwise there would be no reason for anything, for love, lust, trust or any of that.
Jeez, you're always on here spreading nonsense about ideas and concepts that seem to fit an apparent lifestyle, you got to stop. You're full of !@$%.If you feel life has no purpose either find one or do something about it.
If you're an existentialist then life is a purpose unto itself. Sorry if that sounds all fortune cookie, but that's almost the definition ofexistentialism - that it is existence that defines the individual instead of what some might perceive as the underlying essence of the individual. Life has nopurpose? I don't know of any existentialist that believes that. I know of many who believe that life is ultimately futile (I am not among them - word toKierkegaard), but futility and purposelessness are far different beasts.
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