finger injuries

Jan 20, 2002
is it common to be swollen this long. i jammed my finger before, but this time it is swollen longer. its been 2 months and i got some motion back, but stillcant fully bend the finger and make a fist, but at least the pain is gone. what was your experiences and how long did it take for you to completely heal orhasnt?

besides buddy taping, do they sell products for fingers when you play ball? summer is coming up and i need to ball

actually, i went to the doc after a few wks, and said slight fracture no need for surgery, just splint and let it heal. he said the usual, give it time andwait. dont really want to spend more $ just to see him again...
if your finger is both swollen and discolored i suggest you go get yourself an xray..

broke my pinky during a football game back in high school, and broke the same one the following year playing ball.

my finger still looks crooked
Im going through the same thing..

I was hoopin a month ago.....thought i jammed my ring finger....look down and it was dislocated!

My boy popped it back in and we went the doc.

Took X-rays, no break, put it in a splint and told me basically what they told you.

I still can't bend it all the way....but the pain is gone.

I'm still hooping but I tape it to my middle finger.
Both happened playing basketball I hyperextended one pinky around November then dislocated the other like a month later. Both of them still look ******ed sogood luck man!
Unfortunately, with many finger injuries, you will not gain full range of motion again. Even if you get therapy and the best medical care, your finger(s) willnever be completely the same. Just try and do what you can to limit scar tissue build-up, which can really affect the range of motion your finger(s) canregain.
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