Flightposite or Foamposite?


Mar 30, 2006
Just deal with it: The time is gone and you can't take it back. Can't re-focus your committment to another hobby. Can't unbuy all those Jordans purchased. Granted, you can flip to your heart's content. But we all know your sole will still be into it.
yeah flightposite one does have better looks. but im still voting for the foam1 =]
Foams - without a doubt.
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flihtposite, just like what greengoblin likes to wear.

seriously though, flightposite because it was the greatest performing shoe i've tried.

looks wise its the foamposite.
Sellin DS:
Original Jordan Trunner (white/red/black) Sizes 9,10
XX 3/4 Sizes 9,10
XX (first colorway) Size 10
Considered BB low Size 10
Philippine buyer only PM me
foamposites, prolly top 5 basketball shoe of all time like Blazers21 said
I got a size 13 pair of Dr. Dooms, looking for anyone to trade me a size 12 of the Dr. Dooms. hit me up.
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Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated
I didn't expect foams to be a 2-1 favorite after 26 votes.

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still deciding wether to cop the foams or the flights for basketball, what do you guys think i should cop for indoor basketball? I havn't tried on either of them so i don't kno how they feel and im a pointguard
foams got my vote. they are the best
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im dont really know much bout the foamposite/flightposite stuff. Im guessing that foamposite is heavier?
Flightposites get my vote. First time I rocked the Foams back in my high school, they absolutely killed my feet the first few times wearing them. The FPs were comfortable from the jump and I still rock the gold joints when I play ball. As far as quality, I give the edge to the Foams just because from my experience, the outsole lasts along longer than the FPs.

I balled in white foam pros my junior year in HS - best shoe I've ever balled in aside from AJ XIV and XX stealth
I voted foam just cuz I've never owned FP's before.
I need to trade my size 11.0 for your size 11.5 Foamposite One Retro!!!
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