Going to Tijuana...some questions

Apr 2, 2007
I'm headed down to Tijuana next week and have never been to Mexico in my life.

Just wondering--what's a good amount of money to bring? 120 bucks? I just have to pay for three meals, plus going out at night and maybe some souveneirs...is this a good amount?

Are beers really a buck in TJ?

anything that I have to see in particular?
Hahaha everything isn't as cheap as people make it seem.
Depends on what kinda 3 meals u want. Tacos and sodas will be cool....but if u eat better such as some seafood....its gonna run u some more $$
U gonna be there 1 day? If 1 day....then that may be cool, depending on how you spend/save. Any more than 1 day....its gonna be hard

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actually going thurs nite and friday nite...on a usc business school trip. a girl asked today in class "is two hundred enough?" and he's like "im gonna hang out with you if you bring that much money...that's more than enough"

i just have no clue as to what's the right amount. i dont want to have too much on me and dont want to leave it in the room, you know, so i'm just trying to figure out a balance.

also, if I have a 69.99 cingular/ at&t plan, can i bring my phone to mexico and not have to pay roaming? what's the deal?
yeah u'd be balling with 200 as long as your only paying for food and going out. and it depends on what kind of plan you have to know if u have to pay roaming or not.
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Don't act a fool and get arrested down there.
you have to remember that you now need a US valid passport to get into Mexico now.
Hey NoLogo, didn't know they had a trip to TJ. What are the plans? What does your agenda look like? I haven't been to TJ in years (since my USC days as well) but $200 seems about a pretty good amount (probably have some left over, but I'm one to have extra). I would say you make sure you take some small bills for tips and such. If you are going to be eating a nice sit down restaurant then that's a good amount. If you are going to be eating on the corner taco stands then you will have more than enough. Will you be going out to clubs? If so keep in mind the cover charge. When I used to go, we would go into many clubs so had to pay cover at almost each club. Are you going to bring back Tequila? That can be pricey depending on what you bring. Keep in mind that you can always talk down most vendors. I always use the "I saw it cheaper just down the street" line.

Will you be going to the outlets down in San Ysidro?
we're going to some companies like JVC and tecate brewery and some medical companies (it's for my global strategy class)--basically, we're free at nights and have to cover our meals at some points.

small bills--thats a good idea. should i take down my own pepto bismol? i've never been to mexico before and am pretty sure that the water is gonna get to me--so is this a good idea?
i would say for 3 meals and a good night out... bring like $150 to be on the safe side. to me, thats more than enough money, i just dont know how well you tryin to eat... for real, hot dogs wrapped w/ bacon are $1, street tacos are $1... seafood will be more pricey... price to get in a club would be $15-$20, and some club have free drinks all night, just tip the waiters...

- do not think youre hard over there, let them haters hate, them starin at you dont hurt you, you feel?
- keep most of your $20s in another pocket, dont let them see you got ends...
- keep a straight face comin back through the border and remember, the answer is "US Citizen"... ive heard drunk @#%$ fools being asked, "what is your citizenship?" and they reply "San Diego"... hahahhahah

*if you do end up eating at a cart w/ hotdogs n bacon, i would highly recommened you asking for a cheeseburger... super bomb, hamburger patty, ham, cheese, and condiments... great for when youre faded.

have fun.

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should i take down my own pepto bismol? i've never been to Mexico before and am pretty sure that the water is gonna get to me--so is this a good idea?

Also remember to never take the first price street vendors offer you (this goes for souvenir type things or trinkets not food.) They are always willing to bring the price down. The best approach to use is" well the guy down there is offering it for cheaper" or try to bring the price down and if it's still not low enough walk away and then later come back. They'll be more willing to go for the lower price towards the end of the day since they're just trying to get rid of stuff.

Another thing, do not let anyone see how much money you have or wear your best clothes while walking the streets. You'll get hounded like crazy if it's super easy to spot you as a tourist.

These aren't TJ tips specifically, but they're good for any tourist spots in Mexico. Good Luck.
thanks for all the tips, guys...getting excited. so i guess the one dollar beers my classmates have been talking about are largely a myth?
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Rosarito > TJ, I rather meet a girl and hook up then pay

but if you got no game at all then TJ is the way 2 go
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i'm not trying to pick up girls--i've got a girlfriend. mostly just want to know where me and some class mates can go at night.

is revolucion ave a go or no go do you guys think? i've heard mixed reviews
^ Yes if your sticking by the main part of Revo. Dont go south of Revolucion (La Zona) It might be dangerous for a newbee
yeh, if you want something chill... go to safaris.. $18 to get in, all your peeps tip the waiter $5 (or less) ea, and itll be on like donkey kong.

there is also a new place called congo bongo or something on revo ave, from what i seen and heard its really live over there. check it out.

if you trying to be around people that get hyphy and stink, go to Mr. E's.

and the $1 beers is more of a rosarito thing from my experience.

i know all this bc i stay like 4 exits up from the border.


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