"Got a 10 mile lake out back, call it 'Lake Varnell'. Catfish are delicious"

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Originally Posted by digitalartclub

lmao this episode never gets old.... seeing Martin close to cracking is hilarious.

I always notice that too.  Actually, all of the cast members had moments like that if you pay attention.

Definitely top 5 moments on Martin.  "bounce them on their knee-ee-eeeeeeees...!" 
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I knew from the title as well.Soooooooooooo many quotables on that episode...

"SNOOKIE...........DO WORK"!
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Very few episodes top this one...

"If you walk away from me, I'll just love you from behind"

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I love the Varnell episodes! "SHABOINGBOINGGGGGGGG!!!"

I still crack up when Martin, Pam, Tommy, Cole, and Gina go to LA to go to The Varnell Hill Show, and Pam chases some guy who she thinks is Denzel. Instead, it's some random black millionaire. I will always laugh when I think of him saying to Pam, "Can I call you...Beady Bead???".
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