Griffey 1 Vs. Griffey 2...

Joined Mar 7, 2010
I loves the gray ones I just got, But if they brought back the two's.... I had them *!*'s in OG. and they were FIYYYYA!
Joined Sep 7, 2009
i was the first dude in my school to have the emerald + black II's
and remember almost gettin' beat up by this other dude that was the self-proclaimed "sneaker king" at the time, haha
....they were so comfy. i wore mine 'til the sole separated. wore them w/o laces, to cut the grass, to six flags water rides, almost everyday of the 9th grade [showing my age]. washed them a couple times tryin to salvage them bc they were my true loves
but couldn't save them. NIKE bring back the II's!
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Im going to have to say the 2's, I still remember when I finally got the money back in middleschool to get them and when i went to Foot Action they didnt have my size so i copped some uptempos instead...NIKE I NEED THESE
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Griffey 1s. Hands Down. I Love The 2s But The Design Of The 1s Are Just Crazy. The Air Bubbles Threw The Bottom. If The Freshwater Was Replaced With Emerald On The Griffey 1s I Would Love Them 1000 Times More Than I Already Do...  But The 2s Have My Respect. I Love Em.   
Joined Apr 7, 2010
Originally Posted by sneakermane

There's no debating sneaker enthusiast passion for the Nike Griffey Max 1 (Black/Freshwater) colorway. This is one sick shoe & a perfect debut for a future Baseball Hall Of Famer.
But since the Freshwaters recent's only a matter of time before Nike does the right thing. That would be giving us a retro of the Nike Griffey Max 2 (Black/Emerald) colorway.

Both shoes define what made the 90's such a remarkable decade for Nike. And I think the majority would choose them as the best of Ken Griffey Jr's signature line.

But my question is........

What was the better shoe? Which one do you like best?


If you could only own one, would you choose the Griffey Max 1 Black/Freshwater) or the Griffey Max 2 (Black/Emerald)? And why?
We will all have the chance to get both. The Air Griffey Max II will retro by December-February 2011..
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