Griffey 1 Vs. Griffey 2...

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Griffey 2 EASY. But the 1's are serious tho, it's almost like comparing a 350z to a gtr
I remember when them joints dropped in 8th grade
beautiful shoe.


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AGM1 gets my vote
, still haven't picked up a pair though. I'm always cheap when it comes to GR's
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Originally Posted by Nktran001

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Air Griffey Max 1 (Black/Mariner Emerald)
Dope OG colorway. Nike should have retroed that instead of the all-blacks or that gray colorway that's dropping soon.
Luv the Freshwaters, But Griffey 2s are better.....but not by much.
Technically, the OG white/black/Mariner emeralds are the same as what we now call the 'freshwaters'. Nike decided to change the name of the color, but its essentially still teal. 
But, yeah... this c/w should have been next in line.  IMO, all the non-OG black/black, black/red, and grey/orion blue c/w's are just

Originally Posted by heelntoe wit my nyks

This man speaks the truth.  The end-all Griffey is the blk/emerald Griffey 1.
You know it.  The white midsole would be the icing-on-the-cake for me...
I'm gonna post these any chance I get
... cuz hopefully, someone from Nike is watching

Want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

   A gift from the man above & the jerks at Nike , my boy who works at Footlocker told me these were droppin , they better . 
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2's man .. I've been collecting for over 20 years and the griffey 2 might be the most comfortable shoe of all(at least for my feet). I probably had like 20 pairs of Jordans when I had these in the late 90's, but I would ball in my griffey 2's.
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