Griffey 1 Vs. Griffey 2...

Joined Apr 3, 2008
its close.both are dope. but idk, i think i gotts go with the 2s (style wise) BUT 1s fit better and are more comfortable imo
Joined May 22, 2011
2's leave the 1's in the dust wen it comes to comfort but the 1's look colder soo im torn.. CW wise tho i gotta go 1
Joined Dec 16, 2011
i love both but i'd have to go with the 1's. IMO the 1's just look better, although the 2's are still fresh. Growing up in the seattle area when griffey was rocking these.
The 1 holds a special place in my heart because those were the kicks he was rocking when he scored the winning run against the yankees in the 1995 playoffs.
If you are a mariner fan you'll know what I'm talking about when i say "the double" that kept baseball alive in seattle.
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