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Does he have a fake Gucci Yankees on?

I mean there’s a whole line of Gucci Yankee trash and honestly a lot of it looks fake to begin with
I was at Gucci the other day abusing the slides like , you question If they’re real even tho you’re standing In The Gucci store

Louis slides you can tell right away that materials is legitimate
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Also its wild to see this thread kinda blow up like this & for this to be one of the last active threads in Music. Glad I'm on the first page cuz ive been listening to these dudes ever since @bucksfan posted Conways Shade 45 freestyle & songs from Griselda Ghost

They deserve all this recognition & more fr :nthat:
I feel like debso debso has atleast one post on every page holding this crew down or telling us to listen to one of the Hitler tapes. I remember way back being directed to Gunns twitter by alot of people in hip-hop I respect and he was talking MAD **** on his timeline. Then one day I randomly went through Hall & Nash and it was wrap for me with Conway. Gunn voice was kind of rough for me at first but all that **** changed with Mr. T and Flygod
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told ******.
might shed a tear.
now for da cloth to get some shine and a certain platform...all the ppl out there really putting 100% in their craft...we can listen and hear it. I hope they all shine and are successful.

yo i'm happy for those dudes. they put in a lot of work.
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Crazy to see the co-signs Griselda is getting.
First started following with Flygod but could only take low doses. I feel like Benny is easier to listen to most of the time.
Have they always had affiliations with Em & Hov?
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