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Deion Sanders is simply the greatest athlete I have ever seen ... I can't even front, everything I did as a corner was because of Deion ... I wore a bandana even though they were banned in my conference ... had the long sleeve baggy shirt with the elbow bands ... had the gloves that were never fastened ... socks that were long and slouchy ...

i can honestly say i stopped being a fanatic about the NFL when deion retired ... i dont tune in for any single player anymore ... he is the football equivalent to Michael Jordan with Allen Iverson's persona ... my favorite athlete of all time ...
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Salute to Chris Hanburger!


GOAT, Bruce and Deion.

Deion 11's ******** Player Edition Cleats :


Sir San Diego

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Originally Posted by msaba07

but just to put it out there ... these speeches were corny as hell lol ...
Marshall Faulk seemed like he was trying to one up Shannon Sharpe. That's the only thing I found corny. And man, no lie I made my girls pancakes and eggs sat down and dude was still talking.

Shannon's speech was nice. He really showed a lot of love to his brother and grandmother. Didn't seemed forced or phony.

Prime Time gave us all some insight into who he really is and why the character existed. Great move for his future. I'm sure he gained a lot of new fans. The acronym though
When I knew he was going to spell Prime, I was waiting for the corny Time part and
Glad he decided to cut that part out.

Overall though great show. Has me wanting to visit the HOF. Nice to see Cube in the audience. That's my dude.
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Originally Posted by Punishya

Im sitting here on my couch wearing nothing but tighty whites. I reached into my bucket of KFC and pulled out a drum stick, as I took a bite out of the chicken the camera shot up to Sterlings face and the tears rolling down his eyes. As I chew on the piece of delicious fried chicken, tears began to gently roll down each one of my cheeks and hear I am now writing this as I ball hysterically.

I came in here to post about Prime Time and this made me lose my train of thought

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