Home Court Advantage: Is it the ball? 8o

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[h2]s Home-Court Advantage Really About the Ball?[/h2]By ZACH HILLESLAND
It’s a mantra for players, coaches and commentators everywhere: Playing on the road is hard.

O.K., well it may not be as much of a mantra as it is just a group of words, but those words still ring true. Say it out loud. Say it to yourself. Playing on the road is hard. Winning on the road is even harder. But what makes it so difficult? And what’s the worst part?

It’s not the travel.

It’s not the food.

It’s not the bed.

It’s not even the thousands of hostile fans that somehow find a way to personally hate you.

It’s easy making peace with chartered flights, catered meals and high Egyptian thread counts. The only difficult part about hotel living is trying to convince yourself that stealing pillows is wrong, even if they’re 100 percent goose down, hypoallergenic, and there’s still plenty of room in your travel bag.

As far as the fans go, all the sticks, stones, and words tend to fall under “funny
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Wow, I didn't know that
That is definitly an advantage for the home team, esp. if the visitors use a different ball in warmups
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What about the NBA?

And the ball does make a difference. Everytime something goes wrong, i blame the ball
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Originally Posted by BangDak

What about the NBA?

And the ball does make a difference. Everytime something goes wrong, i blame the ball
I know plenty of people like that. I have a "The Rock," have for over 5 yrs and it's still nice. I used to have that NBA Game ball, the official leather one, new they're way too slippery and feel big compared to all the newer balls with soft core technology. I loved it, it's also the orangest ball I ever seen, light reflects and mirrors off it like car paint, but nobody else ever wanted to play with it. You look at the ones they use in games and they actually break them in in practice for literally up to a year before cracking them out for a game. Only thing I don't like about Wilsons with their wide and deep channels is that they're so soft that people always mistake it for them being flat and then overinflate them. I haven't played with any of the Nike tournament balls other than the Battlegrounds one. Rawlings RX10 10 panel balls are good for shooting and palming to dunk too, some JuCo conferences made it their official ball and it was supposed to be more, but I guess that expansion never happened.
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